chapter-ii-completed-season-8I’ll be honest: I’ve been a slacker this Season.  It’s not because Season 8 wasn’t interesting, or because I’m getting tired of Diablo III.  Part of what is keeping me away from the game is that things have been very busy in real life lately.

The other thing keeping me from playing is my health.  If I’m not working – I’m sleeping.  Despite this, I managed to complete Chapter II of the Season Journey in Season 8.

Here is what Chapter II of the Season Journey in Season 8 looked like when I unlocked it.

chapter-2-season-journey-started-season-8I earned one of the objectives for Chapter II while I was working through Chapter I.

friends-with-benefits-achievement-season-8Friends With Benefits: Fully equip one of your followers.


kanais-excellent-adventure-achievement-season-8Kanai’s Excellent Adventure: Find Kanai’s Cube.  Kanai’s Cube can be found in Act III in The Ruins of Sescheron.  Kanai’s Cube can be used for very powerful things, such as extracting Legendary Powers and upgrading Rare items into Legendary items.


maximum-efficiency-achievement-season-8Maximum Efficiency: Raise the Blacksmith, Jeweler and Mystic to level 12.


soul-to-squeeze-achievement-season-8Soul to Squeeze: Kill Zoltun Kulle at level 60 or higher on Hard difficulty or higher.


circles-achievement-season-8Circles: Kill Azmodan at level 60 or higher on Hard difficulty or higher.


moved-difficulty-to-expert-season-8I moved the game difficulty up to Expert after I killed Azmodan.  Some of the Chapter II objectives that I still needed to complete required Expert difficulty (or higher).

expert-achievement-season-8Expert: Complete a Nephalem Rift on Expert difficulty or higher.


penchant-for-enchants-achievement-season-8Penchant for Enchants: Replace a property on an item with Enchanting at the Mystic.  Enchanting is very useful for replacing an unwanted primary affix on a near perfect item.


above-and-beyond-season-8-leveling-achievementThe Above & Beyond Achievement is a part of a series of Seasonal Leveling Achievements.  The first one is earned when a player reaches Level 10 with a Seasonal character.  More are earned at Level 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 70.

knees-and-toes-season-8Knees & Toes is a Feat of Strength Achievement.  Every season, two parts of what I call the “Transmog Set” are available.  Players have to reach Level 70 with a Seasonal character in order to unlock them.  In Season 8, the two pieces were the pants and the boots.

item-transmography-boots-season-8This shows that I unlocked the Item Transmogrify Reward for the boots.

item-transmography-pantsThis shows that I unlocked the Item Transmogrify Reward for the pants.

above-and-beyond-achievement-season-8Above & Beyond: Reach level 70.


the-little-things-that-count-achievement-season-8The Little Things That Count: Craft a level 70 item at the Jeweler.


hot-anvil-strong-steel-the-real-deal-achivement-season-8Hot Anvil, Strong Steel & The Real Deal: Craft a level 70 item at the Blacksmith.


season-journey-chapter-ii-completeSEASON JOURNEY (CHAPTER II) COMPLETE!

item-reward-haedrigs-gift-part-1-season-8Players that complete Chapter II in Season 8 receive their first Haedrig’s Gift.  It will be in your mailbox, and you have to go and get it out of there in order to open it.

Each Haedrig’s Gift contains at least two of the set pieces that match the class of the character that opens Haedrig’s Gift.  I was playing a Barbarian in Season 8, so my Haedrig’s Gifts will give me pieces from the Immortal King’s Call Set.

immortal-kings-triumph-season-8Immortal King’s Triumph is the Helm from the Immortal King’s Call set.  The flavor text says:

In the days when the barbarians roamed the entire western continent – long before the coming of Rakkis – one man, Worusk, united the tribes, and for the briefest of moments, the barbarians had a king.

immortal-kings-irons-season-8Immortal King’s Irons is the Gloves from the Immortal King’s Call set.  It’s flavor text says:

Worusk struck his enemies so hard his hands would have broken had they not been protected.

Barbarians that equip two pieces of the Immortal King’s Call set unlock the special ability “Call of Ancients last until they die.”

chapter-ii-completed-season-8This is what Chapter II of the Season Journey looks like when completed.

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