Chapter III of Season 12 went by really quickly.  The reason why is simple.  I was able to complete the majority of the Chapter III objectives long before I was able to unlock Chapter III.

Players can complete five objectives by finishing Bounties in each Act.  You have to complete one set of Bounties in order to complete an objective in Chapter I.  You also need to collect Legendary crafting materials in order to put things into the Horadric Cube – and the only way to get them is to complete a set of Bounties for each Act.

Another easy Chapter III objective to complete is Hey There Kadala.  Spend some Blood Shards, and you complete that objective – no matter what item Kadala decided to give you.

I also finished The Rock objective before I unlocked Chapter III.  Players who are really close to Level 70, but not quite there yet, can craft Level 70 items.  The player can’t equip them until after they hit Level 70, but doing it early will allow a player to complete a Chapter III objective.

Tristram’s Most Wanted: Obtain an Act I bounty cache.

Hey There Kadala: Spend Blood Shards at Kadala.  Kadala has a 10% chance to give you a Legendary.

Caldeum’s Most Wanted: Obtain an Act II bounty cache.

Arreat’s Most Wanted: Obtain an Act III bounty cache.

Heaven’s Most Wanted: Obtain an Act IV bounty cache.

Westmarch’s Most Wanted: Obtain an Act V bounty cache.

Level I Season Cubist: Extract a Legendary power using Kanai’s Cube.

The Rock: Craft a Gem of Imperial or greater quality at the Jeweler.  Socketing an Emerald into your weapon increases your Critical Hit Damage, and is a big damage boost.

I was playing through Chapter III on Expert difficulty.  There were objectives in Chapter III that required a player to complete them on Master difficulty.  So, I moved the difficulty up to Master, and hoped for the best.

Master: Complete a Nephalem Rift on Master difficulty or higher.

Another Chance: Kill Izual at level 70 on Master difficulty or higher.

Natural Light: Kill Rakanoth at level 70 on difficulty or higher.


Players that complete Chapter III of the Season Journey in Season 12 will receive the second Haedrig’s Gift.  It will contain at least two pieces of the set that is being offered this season to whatever class the player was using when he or she opened the gift.

I was playing a Barbarian in Season 12.  That means my second Haedrig’s Gift contained two more pieces of the Immortal King’s Call set.  Players will find the second Haedrig’s Gift in their in-game mailbox.  Get it out of there, and it will automatically go into your bag.

The second Haedrig’s Gift gave Gurr the Barbarian a Mighty Belt and Boots.

The Immortal King’s Tribal Binding is a Mighty Belt.  The flavor text says: The mark of the king adorns this belt.

The Immortal King’s Stride flavor text says: The king of the barbarians strode through the world like a god.

Players that equip four pieces of the Immortal King’s Call set unlock a bonus (and get to keep the bonus they got from equipping two pieces of the set). The new special thing is: Reduce the cooldown of Wrath of the Berserker and Call of the Ancients by 3 seconds for every 10 Fury you spend with an attack.

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