Qiwoot is a hardcore Monk that I started Season 11 with.  As you can see in the screenshot above, he obtained two Haedrig’s Gifts – which means he has four pieces of the Raiment of a Thousand Storms set.

Sadly, Qiwoot didn’t make it through Season 11.  At the time I am writing this, there are a few more days left in Season 11.  If I try to complete Chapter IV, it cannot be with Qiwoot.

This is what Chapter IV of Season 11 looked like when I unlocked it.  Completing it required some objectives that had to be done in Torment II, and more objectives that had to be done in Torment IV.   There was also the objective that requires players to complete a Level 20 Greater Rift.

I struggle with all of these things, but was willing to give it a try anyway.  When I unlocked Chapter IV, I had already completed one objective.

Let’s Get Started: Learn 5 Blacksmith Recipes


I moved the difficult level up to Torment I shortly after unlocking Chapter IV.  My hope was that I would be able complete some of the Chapter IV objectives while building up my Monk enough so he could survive Torment II.

Exquisiteness: Reforge a weapon property to a socket at the Mystic.

Rift and Roll: Finish a level 70 Nephalem Rift on Torment I difficulty or higher.

…Is Another Man’s Treasure: Use Kanai’s Cube to upgrade a rare item to legendary quality.

Just Look At You!: Learn 5 Jewelcrafting Recipes.

The highest Greater Rift Qiwoot completed was Level 13.

Qiwoot died in a Greater Rift 14, after being surrounded by too many enemies.  It was a frustrating situation because I was doing really good in that Greater Rift right up until that moment.

Qiwoot has been archived to the Hall of Fallen Heroes.

It was time to make a decision.  I could choose to stop playing Diablo III for a while, and wait for Season 12 to start.  Or, I could make another Seasonal character, and play a whole lot of Diablo III in the hopes of getting that new character up to where Qiwoot left off.

I decided to use my hardcore Barbarian, Zena, and do a Rebirth on her.  This is her second Rebirth.  The first one was for Season 8 – and she survived that Season.  I figure this means Zena is my best hope of completing Chapter IV of Season 11 (and getting the dragon pet).

There stands Zena, ready to fight her way to Level 70.

I’m not certain that I will be able to get Zena leveled up to where she can pick up Chapter IV where Qiwoot left off. All I can do is give it my best effort and see what happens.  This blog will be updated if Zena makes any progress beyond what Qiwoot has already completed.

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