While I usually complete Chapter III of the Season Journey with little trouble, I tend to struggle with Chapter IV.  In Season 12, I was very motivated to complete Chapter IV because I really wanted the wings and the portrait frame.  My success was also due to my decision to play a Barbarian in Season 12.  I’ve spent more time playing Barbs than any other class.

In Season 12, I completed a few Chapter IV objectives before I was able to unlock Chapter IV.  I love that players can finish objectives for upcoming chapters and have it count.

There is something about opening a brand new Chapter that feels hopeful – and overwhelming – at the same time.

Let’s Get Started: Learn 5 Blacksmith Recipes.

Exquisiteness: Reforge a weapon property to a socket at the Mystic. 


Chapter IV had an objective that had to be completed on Torment I difficulty (or higher).  So, I moved up from Master difficulty and gave it a try.

Rift and Roll: Finish a level 70 Nephalem Rift on Torment I difficulty or higher.

The next objective required players to complete it on Torment II difficulty, or higher.  So, I moved the difficulty up again.

Gains: Kill the Butcher at Level 70 on Torment II difficulty or higher.

Just Look At You!: Learn 5 Jewelcrafting Recipes.

Here is what Gurr the Barbarian was wearing when he was Paragon 59.

…Is Another Man’s Treasure: Use Kanai’s Cube to upgrade a rare item to legendary quality.

Here’s a fun thing to try when you need to compete the …Is Another Man’s Treasure objective: Put in a Rare Templar Relic that looks like the one in the screenshot above.  No matter which one you choose, it will always come out as a Legendary Templar Relic.

If you are really lucky, you will end up with Enchanting Favor: A diaphanous scarf given as a token of affection from a lady fair.  Your Templar becomes immortal.  He cannot die! If you are playing a Barbarian, and have at least two pieces of the Immortal King’s Call set equipped – it feels like your Templar becomes a fourth Ancient.

There are no objectives in Chapter IV that specifically require Torment III.  I could have skipped directly to Torment IV, but I wasn’t entirely confident that my Barbarian was ready for it.  It wouldn’t have mattered if I guessed wrong and he died because I was playing soft core this Season.  Even so, I wasn’t quite ready to take that risk.

After gaining some more Paragon points, I felt ready to move up to Torment IV and go after four Chapter IV objectives that had to be completed on Torment IV or higher.

Toss It Up: Kill Urzael at level 70 on Torment IV difficulty or higher.

I failed to get a screenshot of the Achievement Toast that appears when you kill Odeg the Keywarden in Chapter IV of Season 12.  The best I can do is this screenshot, which shows the body of Odeg the Keywarden and the loot he dropped.

Key Decisions: Slay Odeg the Keywarden at level 70 on Torment IV difficulty or higher.  Odeg the Keywarden can be found in Act I in the Fields of Misery.

Key Wee: Slay Sokahr the Keywarden at level 70 on Torment IV difficulty or higher.  Sokahr the Keywarden can be found in Act II in the Dahlgur Oasis.

Keeping It Low Key: Slay Xah’Rith the Keywarden at level 70 on Torment IV difficulty or higher.  Xah’Rith the Keywarden can be found in Act III in Stonefort.

The Key To Success: Slay Nekarat the Keywarden at level 70 on Torment IV difficulty or higher.  Nekarat the Keywarden can be found in Act IV in the Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier.

Gurr the Barbarian equipped a very shiny sword and shield when he hit Paragon 70.

Gurr the Barbarian was using this shiny sword when he hit Paragon 90.

Shortly after Gurr the Barbarian hit Paragon 95 – he got The Furnace!  I’ve never had one before.

The flavor text on The Furnace says: “This pestilence threatens to destroy our city, General Arenton. See that the plague dead are kept only in the Repository, and use this weapon to set their bodies aflame.  Would that the memory of this tragedy could burn with them.” – Justinian II, year 1200.

Great Expectations: Reach Greater Rift Level 20 Solo. Greater Rift Keystones drop from Rift Guardians in Nephalem Rifts.

In previous Seasons, I found it challenging to complete a Level 20 Greater Rift.  This time, it was much easier than I expected it to be.


Players that complete Chapter IV of the Season Journey in Season 12 receive their third, and final, Haedrig’s Gift.

I was playing a Barbarian, so I received the last three pieces of the Immortal King’s Call set.

The flavor text on the Immortal King’s Call set says: The favorite weapon of Worusk, the king of the tribes.

The flavor text on the Immortal King’s Stature says: Crafted to commemorate Worusk’s ascendance to the position of Immortal King, the first and only time this honor was bestowed since Bul-Kathos ruled the tribes.

The flavor text for the Immortal King’s Eternal Reign says: Worn during the Immortal King’s final battle.

Players that finish Chapter IV earn a special Portrait Frame.

The Portrait Reward for Season 12 is called Heaven.  The flavor text says: You braved the depths of the Season, and this is what you found.

The only way to get the special Wings in Season 12 is to complete Chapter IV of the Season Journey.

The flavor text of the Fiacla-Géar says: Don’t let a druid see you wearing these wings, as they may think you killed one of their brethren.

The Fiacla-Gear wings look awesome in-game!

My motivation for playing Season 12 was to complete Chapter IV so I would get these awesome, dark, wings. At the time I am putting this blog together, Season 12 is still going on.  If there is enough time, I will try and get through Slayer.

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