Seekers Notes is a puzzle game with an engaging storyline. The town of Darkwood is cursed, and the player (who becomes The Seeker) must find a way to fix that problem. It is a dark and creepy game with lovely artwork.

This involves picking up quests from a variety of NPCs (non-player characters) who ask The Seeker to find a specific item. The player goes to a certain location and tries to find all the hidden objects before time runs out. There’s a chance the requested item will appear after the player completes a location.

The Magic of Music Event is a holiday event that appears right around (American) Thanksgiving Day. The event only lasts for a limited time. I decided to make a few blogs about my progress through this event.

The Magic of Music event stars with a fall present that the player needs to open.

Inside the box is an invitation that says: We invite you to celebrate Family Day!

Helen: Seeker, I see you’ve already received the invitation! Be sure to come; we’re preparing delectable treats and funny games. Let’s celebrate Family Day with friends!

The Magic of Music event requires players to collect holiday currency (Gold Rowan Berries) in order to enter the Fall House. Players who level up the Fall House – by playing through it over and over again – will earn two special Magic of Music avatars.

Players who complete all of the Magic of Music quests before the event ends receive a Treasure of the Forest chest and a Fall Sonata Jewelry box. The best part about this screen is that it clearly shows the player’s progress.

Players need to placate a series of three creatures. It must be done multiple times. The only way to do it is to randomly obtain special objects that can be used to placate these creatures. As you might expect, those special items can only be found in the Fall House.

Mayor Smallcat: Seeker, have you heard of the Fall House? Such a cozy place! Helen suggested opening it for visits, but we couldn’t find the key. Maybe you can help us?

Every time the game allows the player into a brand new area, the player must find the key that unlocks it. Players can go to literally any location in the game to have a chance of finding the key.

I chose to go to the Train Station location to find the Fall House Key.

Mayor Smallcat: Splendid! Helen will be happy! You should also visit the Fall House and relax in a cozy atmosphere.

The NPC characters can blink. Some of them can move a little bit. I tend to have bad timing with some of my screenshots.

Helen: Seeker, you’ll need bunches of Gold Rowan Berries to explore the Fall House. Here are 10 access passes for now.

Seekers Notes starts every new event by giving the player the special access passes they need to enter the new location. They have to do this, because the only way to obtain the access passes is to play through the location. If the game didn’t give you some to start with – there would be no way to get in.

Fall House: A new, incredibly beautiful place opened its doors for visits in Darkwood. Eternal fall, bright and incredibly cozy, reigns in this house. But what’s the story behind the warm hospitality of the Fall House? Will it stay peaceful for long?

There are some parts of the Magic of Music event that I’m leaving out because they didn’t really interest me very much. One is an extremely short event where the player must collect Treble Clefs. The other involves “desk guardians” that allow a player to flip a card for a prize once a day.

I unlocked the Fall House!

Helen: The Fall House is a perfect place to celebrate Family Day! Here you can feel the warmth of home. But we need to clean up a little and look for something to decorate the house with.

I found the cachepot!

Helen: What an exquisite cachepot! I wonder what was in there: an exotic flower or a miniature tree? Let’s put it next to the piano. It’s perfect even without a flower!

Ben: I was so glad when Miss Helen invited me to the celebration that I volunteered to help with the preparations right away! I was entrusted with removing the dust from the carpets, but my carpet beater seems to have vanished. It was special, you…

And that’s where the quest cuts off.  I failed to scroll through it to read the rest.

I found Ben’s trio of carpet beaters.

Ben: Thank you, Seeker! Look, I’ve tied the three carpet beaters together into one big one. Now I can clean any carpet in the blink of an eye! Dust, beware!

Helen: Thanks to the kids’ help, we’ve quickly finished cleaning up! Shall we play a little piano? A nice break will thrill our little helpers!

I found sheet music!

Helen: Thank you, Seeker! I noticed the piano in the Fall House right away. Fortunately, the instrument is in excellent condition despite years of no use. Let’s play!

Helen plays the piano, presumably to entertain Ben and the other boys who helped clean the Fall House. Something strange happens after she stops playing.

Helen: Oh, the piano went out of tune as soon as I finished playing! In addition, the melody was incredibly beautiful, but too sad for the celebration…

This is the cachepot that Helen decided to decorate the Fall House with.

A dead flower…. grows?…. out of the cachepot.

The dead flower turns into a pretty, purple, flower. This seems impossible – but stranger things have happened in Darkwood. The story line allows for all kinds of weirdness to be happening. The townspeople pretty much assume that anything strange, scary, or unexplainable is due to the curse.

Helen: It’s amazing! Did this beautiful music revive a long-withered flower? We’ve witnessed a real miracle!

Amy: Seeker, what should I do? Grandpa gave me napkin rings for our festive table, but I lost them on the way to you!

I found the box of napkin rings!

Amy: Thank you! I promise I will never wear napkin rings as bracelets ever again… And now, may I take a look at the wonderful flower? Ben said it was magic!

Lady Byron: How is it going? My duty as keeper of the Darkwood traditions, is to help the townspeople with the organization of Family Day. Hmm, but I see everything is going pretty well. But to be honest, one important detail is missing: festive tea!

I have leveled up the Fall House location to Amateur.

I found the Festive Tea!

Lady Byron: The aroma of this fruit tea is delightful! What could be better than drinking a cup of hot tea with family and friends? This is the meaning of Family Day – gathering with loved ones.

Congratulations! You completed the stage challenge and get Lightning in a Bottle as a reward!

Helen: The preparations are going surprisingly smoothly. Even the fault-finding Lady Byron praised our work! Oh, I feel uneasy somehow…

I happened to catch Helen mid-blink when I took this screenshot. Oddly enough, the result makes her look uneasy.

The player (The Seeker) must click on: Everything will be fine. This phrase seems out of place, considering that Darkwood is under a curse, strange things happen all the time, and there literally are dangerous creatures roaming the streets.

Helen: Oh look, a petal fell off the flower! What a pity, it was beautiful. Hmm, did you just hear the sound of something being torn?

Almost every quest chain in Seekers Notes ends with the player having to complete a collection. By the time the player reaches this point, they have already collected at least one of every item in the collection. The next step is to gather the required amount of “extra” items.

The Family Day collection requires players to gather up items that are only obtained by completing quests that are part of the Magic of Music event.

Players must complete the Family Day collection in order to continue on to the next set of Magic of Music quests. The items in a collection are sort of smushed together to create the special item at the end. It doesn’t make any sense, but it looks cool.

Congratulations! You’ve assembled this collection: Family Day.

Helen: It’s a portrait! How did the painting tear all by itself? It’s making my skin crawl!

Congratulations! You completed the stage challenge and get Flying Time as a reward!

One of the best thing about the Holiday events in Seekers Notes is that it clearly shows the progress the player has made. I have now completed all of the Stage 1 quests. As you can see in the screenshot above – there are more stages to work my way through.

Seekers Notes: Magic of Music Event is a post written by Jen Thorpe on Book of Jen and is not allowed to be copied to other sites.

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