Seekers Notes is a game where the player becomes the Seeker and must find lost and hidden objects. The Five Greeting Cards Collection is part of the Gingerbread Adventure. It unlocks after players complete the Three Challenges Collection.

The screenshots in this blog post were taken in December 2020.

Previously, Antoine was certain that he would not be able to complete a task that required him to get five cards with sincere greetings from friends. Failure would cause the holiday spirits to turn him into a gingerbread man.

Pete: Don’t worry, we’ll collect five greeting cards for the confectioner in no time! I already have everything planned out: I’ll give Dad a fairy-tale snow globe that I made at school and tell him it’s now customary to wish each other a happy holiday in advance.

I found the fairy-tale snow globe!

Pete: If you shake the globe, the snowflakes will swirl around inside! Beautiful, isn’t it? Well, I have to go. On my way, I need to buy cards to make it easier for Dad to send his greetings.

Pete: Dad praised my globe, but said he didn’t have time to get gifts for his friends. So I decided to help him pack orders. The sooner Dad is free, the sooner he’ll sign a card, right?

I found the ribbons!

Pete: I never would’ve imagined that I could tie so many bows! But as soon as Dad and I finished the orders, we immediately received a ton of new ones! Looks like Dad will never be free…

Amy: Why are adults so weird? I asked Grandpa if he would sign a card for Monsieur Antoine, but he replied that adults don’t need “extra wastepaper.” And instead of a card, he sent… a grater.

I hit Level 68!

I found the grater!

Amy: I had no idea it would be so difficult to collect cards. What should we do? I don’t want Monsieur Antoine to turn into a gingerbread man…

Ben: Don’t give up! Let’s visit Mr. Bloom. The perfumer and Monsieur Antoine are good friends: they could talk about flavors and scents for hours. Surely he won’t refuse to make his friend a simple card!

The Seeker responds: “Let’s go!”

Adrian Bloom: Do you smell something burning? That’s my plans going up in flames! A small bottle of fragrant cinnamon oil has disappeared, causing all work in my shop to stall.

You completed the stage challenge and get a Marble Chest as a reward!

I have now placated enough holiday creatures to earn four out of the five prizes that this part of the Gingerbread Adventures offers.

I found the cinnamon oil!

Adrian Bloom: Mmm, the scent of comfort and warmth envelops me like a friendly embrace… Thank you, Seeker! Don’t worry about the greeting card for Antoine. Give me some time.

Ben: I called on all of Monsieur Antoine’s friends, but they are too busy preparing for the holiday… But then I decided our confectioner would receive at least one card – from me!

I found four greeting cards!

Ben: Seeker, Amy, and Pete, have you also written your holiday wishes for Monsieur Antoine? That’s great! But we still have only four cards in all…

Antoine: Seeker, kids, don’t lose heart. You did your best. To thank you, I’d like to treat you to my most delicious confections, which I was saving for the holiday.

I had collected all of the main items that are required for the Five Greeting Cards quest. Unfortunately, I lacked two of the extra items. The only way to get them was to play through locations and successfully complete them.

After collecting enough Candy Canes, I would get another chance to try and complete the Sweet House location. It is the only way to get the items that placate holiday creatures. This involves doing the same things, over and over again, until the needed item drops.

It becomes tedious after a while. I kept playing because I want to see how this part of the Gingerbread Adventure story ends.

I hit Detective Rank in the Sweet House!

You completed the stage challenge and get Treasure of the Dawn as a reward!

I have hit Detective Rank in the Sweet House. To complete the entire Gingerbread Adventure, I need to hit the Virtuoso Rank.

I hit Level 69 in Seekers Notes!

Eventually, I managed to gather up the right amount of items that drop when the player placates the holiday creatures.

The main items are consumed (and so are some of the extra items) in order to complete the Five Greeting Cards collection. It reveals a sleigh.

You’ve assembled this collection: Five Greeting Cards.

Antoine: I guarded this gingerbread sleigh and the whole Sweet House so zealously that I completely forgot about my dream. After all, I dreamed of building a gingerbread house to bring joy to people. Forgive me for everything, and please come visit here more often…

You completed the stage challenge and get Eye of Luck as a reward!

I have now completed four out of the five required event collections in the Gingerbread Adventure. The story is not over yet, and I am hoping to complete the next part before the time runs out.

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