Seekers Notes is a game where the player becomes the Seeker and must solve mysteries. To do so, the player needs to find hidden objects in a number of locations in order to locate a specific item that a quest giver requests.

In October, there is a special event called Pumpkin Nostalgia.  In it, the player must banish the Gang of Despoilers creatures multiple times, as well as finish holiday quests. In this blog post, I focus on the quest chain that ends with the completion of the Foggy Story Collection.

Previous to this quest chain, a little girl named Amy received a celebration card for a Halloween party at the Mill. The Seeker (the player character) also received one.

Mayor Smallcat: Seeker, I’m extremely concerned about the news of the party at the mill. The fact is that the Halloween party has been already held. Look at this card.

Players must go to the Mill, and find the hidden objects, in order to complete this quest. But, it is not possible simply go to the Mill.  Players must go to other locations, and find hidden objects there, first.

Ideally, doing so will enable the player to collect up enough Festive Lollipops to access the Mill. If not… then the player must continue to work on collecting them from other locations.

The player must find a Card from the Old Days at the Mill location in order to complete this quest.

I found the Card from the Old Days at the Mill.

Mayor Smallcat: This card is exactly the same as this year’s, but its not addressed to Mayor Smallcat, simply to Felix. The fact is that it’s already several dozen years old.

I have now completed the “A Card from the Old Days” quest. The next quest in this chain is called “For Service to the City.”

Mayor Smallcat: The old miller, who lived in Darkwood many years ago, loved Halloween more than any other holiday. He was even included in Darkwood’s book of honor.

Darkwood is the name of the town that the player character  – the Seeker – finds himself or herself in at the start of the game. The town has fallen under a curse, and no one seems to know how to stop it or how it happened. Before this happened – the town was normal.

I found Darkwood’s book of honor at the Mill.

The player must find Darkwood’s book of honor at the Mill location in order to complete this quest. I should clarify – the player goes to a location and must find each hidden object that is in a list. After successfully doing that, there is a chance the player will be notified that they found the object for the quest.

Mayor Smallcat: “For his invaluable contribution to the life of the city and the development of the culinary arts of Darkwood.” All because of the major attraction of the party, which was a pumpkin cake – the best cake I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting.

I caught Mayor Smallcat mid-blink when I took this screenshot. The NPCs (non-player characters) blink and move around a little bit. Mayor Smallcat looks like he’s concentrating on reciting the quote from memory.

I have now completed the “For Service to the City” quest. The next one in this chain is called “Dirty Tricks on the Eve of the Holiday”.

Mayor Smallcat: The mill was closed when the old man moved away suddenly. Recently, I found his complaint to the Town Hall. You should also have a look.

This quest is a little odd because the player is asked to find the old miller’s complaint at the Mill. At the same time, it sounds like Mayor Smallcat already has it in his possession.

So, the complaint is lost, and found, at the same time. I guess this isn’t such a big deal. Much stranger things than this are happening in Darkwood!

I found the old miller’s complaint at the Mill.

Mayor Smallcat: The complaint refers to strange creatures that wouldn’t let the miller prepare for Halloween in peace. At that time, they didn’t believe him, and the necessary assistance wasn’t provided.

At this point in the game, the player has enough information to assume that the Gang of Despoilers creatures were the ones bothering the old miller. Nothing specifically confirms this suspicion, but I like to think that’s how the creatures fit into the Pumpkin Nostalgia story.

I have now completed the “Dirty Tricks on the Eve of the Holiday” quest. The next chain in the quest is called “Ruined Pastry”.

Mayor Smallcat: First, the miller complained that some creature ruined his dessert by adding salt and pepper to the sweet batter. Maybe now we can find evidence to support his claim.

Players must find the Evidence by successfully finding all the hidden objects at the Mill. But, the player cannot just go right in and do that. In addition to collecting enough Festive Lollipops to enter the Mill, the player also has to find the hidden objects in Morph mode.

Every location has a “normal” setting – and the potential to have it set to other modes. The player cannot chose which mode a particular location will have. This quest requires the Mill to be in Morph mode.

What if the Mill is not in Morph mode right then? One way to change the mode is to play through the location, and find all the hidden objects, over and over again until the right mode appears.

Obviously, this results in the player using up more Festive Lollipops than they would typically need to. I find it frustrating when this happens, because it is not possible to find a quest item that requires Morph mode unless the location is in Morph mode.

Eventually, I was able to find the Evidence at the Mill.

Victory! You have earned a new rank in location: Mill. Increase your rank to get more rewards! Your current rank: Connoisseur.

Congratulations! You completed the stage challenge and get Moon Brooch as a reward!

Mayor Smallcat: I think it’s a sketch done by the miller himself. Can bats use salt and pepper shakers? It’s not so hard to believe in our dark times.

I have now completed the “Ruined Pastry” quest. The drawing looks very much like the Terror of Desserts creature that is part of the Gang of Despoilers. That particular creature hates sweets, and holds a salt shaker and a pepper grinder.

The next quest in this chain is called “The Vandal’s Message”.

Mayor Smallcat: The miller’s next complaint is even more unusual. He wrote that a mysterious creature was spoiling all the festive decorations and left notes reading “Say no to Halloween!” Highly unusual.

Players must find a poster at the Mill. In the screenshot above, the poster looks ripped and worn.

I found the poster at the Mill.

Mayor Smallcat: Hmm, the poster you found reads “Say no to Halloween!” And the poster itself is torn, which confirms the miler’s words.

I have now completed “The Vandal’s Message” quest. The last quest in this chain is called “Watermelons for Halloween.” It requires players to complete a Collection.

The pieces in a Collection are the ones that the player had to go find in order to finish the quests. In addition, there are some… I’m going to say “extra items” … that the player must gather up in order to complete the Collection.

Mayor Smallcat: Now we can be sure that the miller’s words were true. But the last complaint seems unbelievable even now: The miller was attacked by a creature with a watermelon for a head!

The previous quest chain is given to the player by Colonel Hammerstrike. He asks the player to banish each of the creatures in the Gang of Despoilers several times. The third one is called Mr. Walter Mellon, and he has a watermelon for a head.

Mayor Smallcat and Colonel Hammerstrike need to get together and share information.

With a click of the “Combine” button, the player can take all of the pieces of the Collection that they found and combine them. Doing so uses up the individual Collection items and the extra ones.

This creates the item that is at the end of the Collection. In this one, the item is a watermelon that has been carved as though it was a pumpkin.

Congratulations! You’ve assembled this collection: Foggy Story.

Mayor Smallcat: A watermelon lantern? It is traditional to carve pumpkin lanterns for Halloween, isn’t it? Anyway, we didn’t find anything dangerous in the mill, but we mustn’t forget the ominous laughter that frightened little Amy…

The text box in the quest is too small to fit all of what Mayor Smallcat had to say. So, I took a second screenshot in order to capture the rest of it.

Mayor Smallcat: … The case requires further investigation.

Congratulations! You completed the stage challenge and get Ancient Scroll as a reward!

There are several small rewards that a player can earn during the Pumpkin Nostalgia event. There are also bigger rewards that the player can earn by finishing everything.

Seekers Notes: Foggy Story Collection is a post written by Jen Thorpe on Book of Jen and is not allowed to be copied to other sites.

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