Seekers Notes is a game where players become a Seeker and must solve a mystery. The town of Darkwood is cursed, strange and scary things are happening, and random items have gone missing.

The Seekers Notes Halloween event is called Pumpkin Nostalgia. It includes several quest chains that the player must complete before the event ends. In addition, the player must banish “Gang of Despoiler” creatures.

Seekers Notes has a pattern with the creatures that a player must banish. They come in sets of three. To banish the first one, a player has to obtain some special items.

Banish the first creature in the set twice in order to collect up enough special items to banish the second creature. Then, it starts over: banish the first creature twice (again), then banish the second creature a second time.

This allows players to collect the special item required to banish the third creature in the set once. After banishing the third creature once, players must start all over again and banish the first creature twice.

During the Pumpkin Nostalgia event, players can obtain some special, holiday related items, from completing the “find the hidden objects” puzzle at the Mill location. Access to the Mill is limited, which means players must first collect up enough Festive Lollipops to enter the Mill.

The player also has to use Energy to access any location, including the Mill. Everything goes in a circle, until the player runs out of Energy. When that happens, the player can either wait for the Energy to regenerate (in real-time), or use real-world currency to obtain more of it.

I’m probably making this sound more tedious than it actually feels. Players can access other locations, complete the “Find the hidden objects” puzzles there, and (hopefully) obtain more Festive Lollipops. Or, they can play through whatever locations they have already unlocked.

Terror of DessertsA bat that hates confections

The first monster in the Pumpkin Nostalgia event is called Terror of Desserts. I accidentally got ahead of myself and banished it before clicking on the quest that urges the player to start banishing the event monsters.

Congratulations! You have successfully banished the creature: Terror of Desserts

Colonel Hammerstrike: Great Job! The Terror of Desserts got scared of a sugar peal and flew away. I wonder why it hates everything sweet so much.

“Sour Sweets” is the name of the first quest in this Pumpkin Nostalgia quest chain. The next one is called “Halloween’s Foe”.

Colonel Hammerstrike: Ben and his friend asked us to banish a Big-Eared Troublemaker who won’t let them decorate the city for Halloween. It’s tearing garlands and smashing pumpkin lanterns! It’s time to banish the little vandal!

Big-Eared TroublemakerThis troublemaker is always down for a dirty trick. Especially on Halloween.

If you look closely at the screenshot above, you can see that a player needs to collect two Magic Lyres in order to banish the Big-Eared Troublemaker. Where can players get another Magic Lyre? By banishing the Terror of Desserts again.

Congratulations! You have successfully banished the creature: Big-Eared Troublemaker

Colonel Hammerstrike: You’ve dealt with the elusive troublemaker perfectly! The music of the magic lyre calmed its violent soul, and the creature fled with its tail between its legs.

I have now completed the “Halloween’s Foe” quest. The next quest is called “Watermelons vs. Pumpkins.”

Colonel Hammerstrike: The pumpkins are out of luck this year! A certain Mr. Walter Mellon is openly opposing the pumpkin’s monopoly on Halloween. It is breaking into houses and gardens and destroying its orange enemies. We must stop it now!

Mr. Walter MellonA watermelon-headed creature that’s utterly outraged by the fact that people only use pumpkins on Halloween.

A player needs to collect three Pumpkin Shields in order to banish Mr. Walter Mellon. I only had one of them when I took the above screenshot. The way to get more Pumpkin Shields is to banish the previous creatures in this set a few more times.

Colonel Hammerstrike: Did you defeat Mr. Walter Mellon with a pumpkin shield? It seems there’s serious enmity between watermelons and pumpkins. We should make sure this confrontation doesn’t get in the way of the celebration.

Congratulations! You completed the stage challenge and get Astrolabe as a reward!

The first time player banish Mr. Walter Mellon they complete the second stage of quests in the Pumpkin Nostalgia event. There are more rewards available for players who continue to banish the Gang of Destroyers.

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