The Gingerbread Repairs Collection is the first collection in a series of Christmas related quests. These screenshots were taken in December of 2020.

It starts with a Christmas wrapped box.

There are Christmas cookies inside the box.

Mayor Smallcat: You received gingerbread cookies, too? It must be a gift from Monsieur Antoine. Unfortunately, I have no time for tea parties – I’m busy getting ready for the holiday! But you should take a look at the confectioner’s masterpiece. He outdid himself!

The player responds: “Very interesting.”

Helen: What? Haven’t you seen the Sweet House? Kids and adults alike keep talking about it. I’d be glad to take you there, but it’s in the park, and the park’s gate slammed shut and locked on its own!

The Holiday quests this year are all part of the Gingerbread Adventure.

Reach the rank of Virtuoso in the Sweet House and become the proud owner of two event avatars!

Assemble 5 event collections, craft a special item, and get the Long-Awaited Surprise chest and a unique jewelry box!

Collect 100 festive hats for placating this event’s creatures, get two valuable talismans and a unique picture, and take part in the global Top 1,000!

The Seekers Notes Advent Calendar gave players free rewards.

Here is the reward I got on December 2, 2020.

I found the Sweet House Key in the Mayor’s office. It can be found in any location.

Helen: Thanks for finding the key! Let’s go to the Sweet House. I can already smell the aroma of cinnamon and fresh baked goods.

Helen: Seeker, you’ll need Candy Canes to explore the Sweet House. Here are 10 access passes for now.

The Seeker Helen is speaking to is the player. The Sweet House is a special location (during this Christmas event). The player can collect more Candy Canes by successfully finding all of the hidden items at (almost) any location on the map.

Peter: Haha, don’t go to the Sweet House! Monsieur Antoine is very upset!

The Seeker asks: “Why?”

Sweet House: There’s a wonder hidden in one of Darkwood’s snow-covered parks; a life-size gingerbread house called the Sweet House! It looks like it came right out of a picture in a fairy tale book. It’s walls exude the aroma of cinnamon. It’s candy windows reflect the festive lights, and powdered sugar shines on its roof. But its magic can be found not on the outside, but inside, where guests can have a wonderful time with friends over a cup of hot tea and a heart-to-heart conversation.

Antoine: Seeker, have you seen anyone around here? Either the kids or gremlins have taken to snacking on my Sweet House! Look, someone took a bite out of the brick in the corner!

The player must explore the Sweet House to find the brick that has been snacked on.

The Sweet House starts off locked. The player can open it with the Sweet House Key. Off to the side, it shows that the player can find the brick that has been snacked on in this location,

It’s kind of unclear, though. The brick is not something a player actually finds in the location while searching for specific items. Instead, the player might be rewarded with it after successfully completing the Sweet House.

I unlocked the Sweet House!

The Sweet House starts off at Novice level.

I found the snacked on brick!

Antoine: The house is edible, of course. I baked it myself and constructed the whole thing, from the graham cracker base to the chocolate roof. But there will be nothing left of it by the holiday at this rate.

Antoine: From the very beginning there were problems. Before I could lay the last gingerbread brick, someone chewed a hole in the wall. I could patch it with cake if I find some buttercream.

I found the buttercream!

Antoine: Excellent, the wall looks as good as new. Don’t you want to taste some building materials – I mean, cake with cream?

Antoine: You know, making a real Sweet House was my childhood dream. I used to fantasize about sugary shutters and candy stained glass for hours… Look! Someone broke a candy window and pulled it apart. I have to make a new one.

I found the candy stained glass!

Antoine: This is already the second time I’m making candy stained glass, but I won’t let hooligans ruin my mood. My house will last until the end of the celebration, and, I swear to all the gods of culinary Olympus, it will bring people joy!

Antoine: I had hoped my house would make kids happy. Nowadays, kids don’t have enough good fairy tales. I made all the chocolate and marzipan ornaments with my own hands. Hmm, where did the cuckoo clock go?

I found the cuckoo clock!

Antoine: Most of the marzipan clock has been eaten, and nothing is left of the chocolate cuckoo nest! Was it really so hard to just wait for the celebration to start? I’d gladly offer everyone an edible piece of the house.

Antoine: I feel like I’m being torn apart by all the things I have to do! The gingerbread and cookies are ready, but I need to decorate the cakes and rolls. But then who will fix the roof? I suppose some nasty birds took a couple tiles.

I hit Level 66 in Seekers Notes!

Your rank in the Sweet House location is Amateur! Increase your rank and get more rewards!

I found the chocolate roof tile.

Antoine: Thanks for fixing the roof, Seeker! As for my cakes and rolls, they’re decorated and ready to be served.

You completed the stage challenge and get Lightning in a Bottle as a reward!

Antoine: It’s getting dark, but my watch isn’t over yet. Someone attacked the house and ate my sugar garlands last night! I wasn’t able to catch the culprits, and the garlands are completely ruined.

The player must assemble and trade a collection to get the sugar garlands.

I had collected all of the items that are part of the Gingerbread Repairs collection. There are other items that are required that come from placating special holiday creatures.

After appeasing the special holiday creatures, I was able to complete the Gingerbread Repairs collection.

The items in the Gingerbread Repairs collection are consumed to make the sugar garland item.

Congratulations! You’ve assembled this collection: Gingerbread Repairs.

Antoine: Wonderful! The new garlands came out even better than the previous ones. Please help me hang them on the roof.

Antoine: Wonderful! I sprinkled the house with powdered sugar – it reflects off the garlands and sparkles! Wait, did you hear a rustling sound? If yesterday’s hooligans are back, I’m going to give them a swat with my frying pan!

The Seeker asks: “Who’s there?”

Antoine: Well, watch out, you naughty… Hey, it’s Ben, Pete and Amy! And they’re holding my candy pillar! How did you break it? Get out of here! Why, I didn’t expect that at all. Ugh, what do I do now?

The Seeker recommends: “Don’t worry.”

Congratulations! You completed the stage challenge and get Homemade Cocoa as a reward!

I have completed one collection in the Gingerbread Adventure.

The next series of quests provides some information about what the children were up to.

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