Seekers Notes is a game where the player becomes the Seeker and finds hidden objects for the people of Darkwood. The Holiday Symbol Collection series of quests is unlocked after the player completes the Gingerbread Antoine Collection.

The Holiday Symbol Collection quests are the last ones in the Gingerbread Adventure. These screenshots were taken in December of 2020.

At the end of the Gingerbread Antoine series of quests, a talisman was used in an effort to turn Antoine back into himself. Unfortunately, the talisman made everything worse.

Ben and Amy decided to ask the Fortune Teller for help.

Fortune Teller: The spirits punished the confectioner for disrespecting holiday fun, and by touching their talisman, you’ve only infuriated them even more. Alas, salvation is now almost unattainable… Unless you can find a recipe for a holiday symbol.

I found the recipe for a holiday symbol!

Fortune Teller: The stars favor us! This recipe was lost in the storms and woes of centuries past, but you managed to find it. This means the fire of hope has not yet died out.

Fortune Teller: Potions and talismans are just tools in the hands of sorcerers. The real magic is in people’s hearts. To save the confectioner, you have to catch four kinds of feelings, and the first of them is respect.

I caught the feeling of respect!

Fortune Teller: I can feel that the townspeople esteem the confectioner. The warmth of their respect could even melt ice, but turn a gingerbread man into a person? Alas, it cannot.

Fortune Teller: There’s a reason why the recipe for the holiday symbol calls for friendship: after all, any holiday is merrier when you’re with your friends. How many real friends does the confectioner have? Can they give the poor man the strong wings of friendship?

I found the wings of friendship!

Fortune Teller: Wings woven from friendship are the lightest and strongest in the world. I see that many townspeople have shared their friendship with the confectioner. And you did too!

Fortune Teller: Cheerful lights are lighting up the city brighter than ever! But the real decoration for this season is heartfelt gratitude. Will a gratitude flower bloom in honor of the confectioner?

I found the gratitude flower!

Fortune Teller: This beautiful flower told me the confectioner’s friends are grateful to him just for being who he is. This means the feeling of celebration and the desire to help loved ones has been revived in people’s hearts. I hope its not too late for the confectioner…

Fortune Teller: The fourth feeling is true selfless love. It’s unmistakable light rids you of fear and loneliness. But remember that love has many faces.

I found the feeling of love!

Fortune Teller: What a warm and bright light! It must be the light of a mother’s love – the most infinite and powerful love in the world. Aww, that’s what works real magic, Seeker!

Fortune Teller: The feelings have been collected, but not yet combined. Only a person with a kind heart and pure soul can weave them into the holiday symbol. Will you help me, Seeker?

The Holiday Symbol collection is different from the previous collections in the Gingerbread Adventure. This time, the player collects each of the required items by completing quests. There is no need for the “extra” items that come from placating the holiday creatures.

Instead, the Seeker helps the Fortune Teller to combine the four feelings into the final item in the collection. To do this, the player must order the item at the Fortune Teller location… and wait 45 minutes for it to be created.

This screenshot was taken shortly before the Holiday Symbol was finished.

I hit Level 72 in Seekers Notes!

Fortune Teller: The holiday symbol is ready! Put it on the gingerbread confectioner, and his gingery heart will be rekindled with delight, fun, gratitude, and the hope for miracles – all faithful companions of the holiday. Good luck!

Antoine: It feels so nice to be human again! Thanks, everyone! Let’s forget all our worries and have a celebration in the Sweet House. Together we’ll complete all the preparations in a jiffy and have fun along the way!

Awesome! You’ve completed all 36 quests and received the Long-Awaited Surprise chest and the wonderful Snowy Fairy Tale jewelry box as a reward!

This is what the Snowy Fairy Tale jewelry box looks like.

Fairy-Tale Transformation: It all started like a fairy tale. Wanting to present the townspeople with a winter miracle, Antoine built the Sweet House. But before long, his sweet dreams turned into bitter disappointment. The confectioner angered the holiday spirits with his behaviour, because the house was more important to him than the holiday itself, and so they decided to turn him into a gingerbread man! However, despite this moment of weakness, Antoine wasn’t a callous man: he had brought a lot of good to the townspeople, and his kindness was returned to him. The gratitude, friendship, respect, and love of his friends turned him back into a human. And with friends like these, any holiday becomes truly magical!

The game gives the player a little note that announces that they have been awarded a jewelry box for completing the Gingerbread Adventure.

I completed all of the quests in the Gingerbread Adventure!

This is the first time I’ve been able to complete all the quests that go with a holiday story-line. I could stop here and feel satisfied with my progress.

Or, I could attempt to level the Sweet House location to Virtuoso. At the time I am putting together this blog – I’m about halfway there. I will update this blog post if I hit Virtuoso. The process is tedious and time consuming, and the Gingerbread Adventure will end soon.

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