Seekers Notes is a puzzle game with a creepy storyline. The player becomes The Seeker and must find lost objects that the NPCs (non-player characters) request.

The Mystery of December event is the Seekers Notes Christmas event. I’ve been working my way through it, in the hopes that I will complete it and earn special rewards.

In previous quests, Helen became distressed after someone ripped the wrapping paper and tore the bows off the gifts. The Seeker helps her find replacement wrapping paper and bows, and helps her rewrap them.

Not long after that, Helen notices that someone is knocking from the inside of the large clock that is located inside the Gift Post Office. She asks the Seeker to find her improvised weapons of self defense, and to look inside the clock. No one was found – but Helen was not comforted by this.

Peter: Seeker, we heard that something was happening at the Gift Post Office. It must be an ice monster up to no good!

The player responds: An ice monster?

Ben: No one knows more about monsters than children do. With the approach of the winter holidays it’s time for tales about the ice monster. One of them is even included in a collection of fairy tales.

The town of Darkwood is under a curse, and a wide variety of monsters are quite literally roaming the streets and bothering the townspeople. The player, who becomes The Seeker, is often asked by NPCs to banish specific monsters.

Ben’s statement: “No one knows more about monsters than children do”, is disturbing. It fits right into the creepiness of the Seekers Notes storyline. It seems as though these kids aren’t very afraid of the monsters they encounter.

I found the fairy tales.

Ben: Christmas Tree Tales is a collection of Christmas stories, but this is no ordinary children’s book. The thirteenth story is a fairy tale called “The Eyes of Winter”. It’s about a terrible ice monster!

Amy: The ice monster exists not only in fairy tales, but in real life, too! On dark nights, it appears next to a Christmas tree and ruins gifts. It emanates such cold that icicles form on the tree!

I found the icicles.

Amy: There are icicles hanging on our Christmas tree too, but these are just ornaments. But I’m sure that the real ice monster was here! Who else would spoil the gifts?

Peter: The ice monster is terrible! It leaves pine cones instead of candy! They say you found pine cones at the Gift Post Office? I can sense that the monster is near! It must have already filled the gifts with cones!

I found a Christmas stocking full of pine cones.

Peter: Wow, we were right! The monster filled a stocking with cones! And it’s all because it hates the winter holidays and tries to ruin them at any cost.

Peter: Brr, it’s gotten so cold at the Gift Post Office! This is a sure sign of the approach of the ice monster. It can be driven away by lighting a big fire. But we’re not allowed to play with matches.

I found a heater.

Peter: Wow! A heater will keep us warm longer than a fire would! But what does it run on? Kerosene? Well, now the ice monster won’t be able to frighten us with the cold!

Amy: I don’t know what the ice monster looks like, but I saw its claw marks on a Christmas tree. My friends showed them to me If we find marks here, I can determine whether they were left by the monster!

I found the bell.

Amy: Ooh, someone scratched this bell! These marks are the same as the ones left by the ice monster. Oh, I want to go back to my grandfather as soon as possible…

The NPCs in Seekers Notes can blink. Sometimes, this results in an unflattering screenshot where I caught a character mid-blink. I’ve unintentionally ended up with Amy looking unimpressed by the ice monster’s destruction.

Ben: Don’t be afraid, Amy! The older boys told me how to catch the ice monster! We need to put out bait: a glass of warm milk and cookies.

The way to complete the Tasty Bait quest is to gather up all the items, and the extra items, that the Ice Monster Collection requires. At this point, I had collected up all the necessary items. The extra items were problematic.

The extra items can only be obtained by placating the Mystery of December holiday creatures. To do this, the player must use up Energy by successfully finding all the hidden objects in various locations in the game. Eventually, enough Christmas Ornaments will drop.

The Christmas Ornaments are required in order for the player to enter the Gift Post Office. Successfully finding all the hidden objects in that location may, or may not, drop an Ice Flower. The Ice Flower can be used to placate the first of three creatures.

In short, the player needs to do this over and over again until they gather up the required amount of extra items. It is tedious, and can be frustrating when the Ice Flower does not drop. The only bright side of having to do this is that it is an effective way to increase the Rank of the Gift Post Office.

I got the Gift Post Office to the Detective Rank.

Congratulations! You completed the stage challenge and get Fire Crystal as a reward!

The Gift Post Office is now at the Detective Rank.  One more to go!

Congratulations! You completed the stage challenge and get Carved Chest as a reward!

I have now placated a total of 55 Mystery of December creatures.

I have the feeling that I’m going to run out of time before I am able to complete the Ice Monster Collection. So, I’m just going to post this blog assuming I made no additional progress.  I will update this blog if I complete the collection.

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