Every holiday related quest in Seekers Notes requires the player to obtain special items by placating holiday-related creatures. You will need these items in order to complete collections.

The screenshots in this blog post were taken in December of 2020.

The 2020 Christmas quests in Seekers Notes have players collecting items by successfully finding a series of items in a location. Doing so will (eventually) drop an item that a quest giver was seeking.

The first collection is called Gingerbread Repairs. In addition to the items the quest giver wanted, players must also obtain a certain amount of “extra” items. The only way to get them is by placating holiday creatures.

Sugar the Humble Bear: A kind little bear who gives passers-by flowers.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully placated the creature: Sugar the Humble Bear.

Players need to give Sugar the Humble Bear one Winter Bouquet item each time they want to placate him. He drops four items every time.

Amy: Sugar the Humble Bear liked the beautiful envelope with winter branches and cookies! The little bear was a bit embarrassed, but happily accepted it.

Sugar the Humble Bear: Sugar is a little bear with a big heart. Despite his shyness, he adores giving people flowers and receiving their happy smiles in return. Placating item: Winter Bouquet.

Amy: Frosty the Jolly Fellow has come to the city and brought so many presents with him! The kids and I are going to give him a card with kind wishes. Could you help us congratulate him?

Frosty the Jolly Fellow: A jolly creature with a sack full of surprises.

Frosty the Jolly Fellow requires two Kind Wishes in order to be placated. To obtain them, the player must placate Sugar the Humble Bear twice. Frosty the Jolly Fellow drops three items every time he is placated.

Amy: Our warm wishes almost made Frosty melt! He promised to stay in the city and delight everyone with presents until the holidays.

Frosty the Jolly Fellow: This cheerful creature is like a living embodiment of the festive season. Wherever Frosty sets foot, the world transforms into a friendly fairy tale, full of magic and presents. Placating item: Kind Wishes.

You completed the stage challenge and get Precise Arrow as a reward!

I have now completed the first stage in the Gingerbread Adventure that requires the player to placate a certain amount of holiday creatures.

Colonel Hammerstrike: Have you noticed the gallant Holiday Guard? He helps us watch over the city so that nothing ruins the townspeople’s holiday spirit. He must be awarded an honorary medal for his valor.

Holiday Guard: A benevolent giant who silently guards the festive spirit.

The Holiday Guard requires three Honorary Medals in order to be placated. To obtain them, the player must placate Frosty the Jolly Fellow three times. The way to placate him is to first placate Sugar the Humble Bear six times.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully placated the creature: Holiday Guard.

The Holiday Guard always drops the same two items when he is placated, but not in the same quantity. Players receive one rocking horse and three Santa hats.

Colonel Hammerstrike: The Guard really liked the chocolate medal. Now that we have such a gallant soldier in our ranks, people will celebrate the holidays in safety and in a wonderful mood.

Holiday Guard: For bullies and villains, the Holiday Guard is a fierce behemoth wielding a candy spear. For the good townspeople, however, he’s a friendly giant who’s always ready to lend a helping hand. Placating item: Honorary Medal.

Congratulations! You completed a stage challenge and get Chocolate Brownies as a reward!

I completed the second stage of the Gingerbread Adventure that involves placating holiday creatures (multiple times).

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