Seekers Notes is a “find the hidden object” game with a creepy storyline and plenty of mysteries and puzzles for the player to solve. The player becomes The Seeker, and must find the lost items that the NPCs (non-player characters) request.

The Mystery of December event is Seekers Notes version of a Christmas event. Players who complete everything can earn special rewards. Part of the quests involve placating the Mystery of December creatures, who are bothering the people of Darkwood.

The player is asked to placate the three different Mystery of December creatures. A short quest chain – that doesn’t count as part of the rest of the event quests – is presented to the player. The purpose is to teach the player how to obtain the items that are used to placate the holiday creatures.

Ben: My friends told me they’d seen Lady Snowflake in the city. They gave her a flower, but it wilted as soon as Snowflake touched its petals. Now she’s terribly upset!

Snowflake really loves flowers, but can’t touch them with her cold hands.

The player needs an Ice Flower to placate Lady Snowflake with. This item sometimes drops after the player successfully finds all of the hidden objects in the Gift Post Office.

Give Lady Snowflake the Ice Flower, and she will drop some of the items that you see in the above screenshot. Those items are used to placate the second creature in this group.

Ben: Hooray! Lady Snowflake liked the ice flower. It’s even more beautiful than ordinary flowers, and most importantly, it will never wilt.

The player must placate Lady Snowflake twice in order to obtain the right quantity of the items that are necessary to placate the second creature in the group one time.

Ben: An amazing snowman, Mr. Scatterbrain, has wandered into Darkwood. He loves building ice castles, but always loses his mittens. How can we help him?

This snowman adores building ice castles, but loses his mittens all the time.

Ben: The snowman almost crumbled with joy when he received his new mittens! The kids and I will go play with Mr. Scatterbrain. He builds wonderful castles out of ice!

The player must placate Lady Snowflake twice in order to gather up enough special items to placate Mr. Scatterbrain once. The problem is that the player needs to placate Mr. Scatterbrain twice in order to collect the special items needed to placate the third creature in the group.

Congratulations! You completed the stage challenge and get Magic Lantern as a reward!

I completed State 1 of the placate the creatures portion of the Mystery of December event.

Ben: My friends were scared by a huge abominable snowman. But Sir Yeti proved to be a very polite and well-mannered creature. He came to Darkwood to find gift wrap, and got upset when he scared the children.

Sir Yeti has quite an unusual hobby. He just loves giving gifts!

Congratulations! You’ve successfully placated the creature: Sir Yeti.

Ben: Thank you! Who would have thought that Sir Yeti loved giving gifts so much? He was so pleased with the gift wrap that he immediately fled to the mountains. Apparently, he needs to wrap a lot of gifts!

The NPCs in Darkwood can blink. This sometimes results in strange looking screenshots where I accidentally catch the NPC halfway through a blink.

Congratulations! You completed the stage challenge and get Cookie Pops as a reward!

I have now completed Stage 2 of the placate the creatures portion of the Mystery of December event.

There is still a long way to go on this part of the Mystery of December stages, and a lot more quest chains to finish. I also need to keep leveling the rank of the Gift Post Office.

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