A row of tasty looking pastries. The last one is faded out.

Seekers Notes is a game made by MYTONA. The player becomes the Seeker and is tasked with finding missing items in hidden objects puzzles. The quests are wrapped in a wonderfully creepy story.

The screenshots you see in this blog post were taken in 2018.

A woman in a blue dress asks the player to find a missing baquette.

Helen: Seeker, I’ve come to see you about a very important matter. The Baker came to see me this morning and told me that all his goods have disappeared from the bakery. We can’t allow Darkwood’s residents to be deprived of freshly baked goods! Hurry, find the missing baguette.

An alley with a fountain, stairs, and buildings with balconies is inside a frame.

Congratulations! You unlocked the location.

This is what the Alley location looked like in 2018. I recently started playing Seeker’s Notes again. The Alley has changed quite a bit between when I took this screenshot and now.

A box shows three items. One is the missing baguette.

I found the missing baguette!

A woman in a blue dress thanks the player for helping her out.

Helen: We could ask Colonel Hammerstrike to start baking, but he’s so busy fighting monsters! So you’re doing me a huge favor by helping me sort this out.

A woman in a curved dress asks the player to find a batch of croissants that have gone missing.

Helen: The Baker was pleased that you found the baguette, Seeker. The next thing you need to find is a batch of croissants. The Baker delivers them to the orphanage every morning.

A box has a row of objects. One is a croissant.

I found the croissant!

A woman wearing a blue dress thanks the player for finding the missing croissants.

Helen: Great! Thanks to you, the children can enjoy freshly baked croissants for breakfast. I think all this thievery is yet more mischief from the Gremlins. They just won’t leave the townspeople in peace.

Helen: The Baker was overjoyed at the speed you work at, Seeker. Now hurry and find the fruitcake before it goes stale.

A box holds three objects. One of them is a fruitcake.

I found a fruitcake!

A woman in a blue dress loves to start her day with fruitcake and coffee.

Helen: You just can’t imagine how much you’re helping us out, Seeker! I have to admit, I love to start my day with an aromatic cup of coffee and a fresh fruitcake.

A woman in a blue dress needs you to find a missing apple pie she can give to a ship's captain and crew.

Helen: There’s a trading vessel moored in the port. The ship’s captain and his crew have a particular taste for apple pie. Please, hurry and find an apple pie! I’m worried about what might happen to the bakery if these hot-headed sailors find out that their favorite treat has gone missing!

A box hold two items. One of them is an apple pie.

I found an apple pie!

A woman in a blue dress can now stop worrying about the bakery.

Helen: It’s a good thing you found the apple pie! Now I can stop worrying about the safety of the Baker and his bakery. The sailors are very agitated right now because they can’t set sail back to their beloved endless expanses of ocean.

A woman in a blue dress asks that you find a missing cherry cheesecake.

Helen: The Baker asks that we hurry and find the cherry cheesecake he made. He says it was made using a secret family recipe.

A box holds three items. One of them is a cherry cheesecake.

I found the cherry cheesecake!

A woman in a blue dress speaks highly of the cherry cheesecake.

Helen: No one could resist this cherry cheesecake! Especially me. I need to remember to buy a slice from the Baker, and ask him for the recipe while I’m at it.

There are a row of pastries, each in their own box. The one at the end is grayed out.

Here is what the Tasty Baked Goods quest looks like after the player finds all of the missing items.

After this, Helen asks the player to find a cake for Lady Ursula Byron. She is from the oldest family in town, and has a lot of (informal) say about how things should be handled. I failed to take a screenshot of the first part of this quest.

A row of tasty baked goods, each in its own box. Most of them are greyed out. The cake at the end is no longer grayed out.

To complete the Tasty Baked Goods Collection, the player needs to not only find all the baked goods, but also needs to obtain some extra items. The result is the cake that appears at the end of the row.

A woman in a blue dress thanks the player for their efforts in finding all the tasty baked goods.

Helen: Great job, Seeker! You got the cake back just in time – Lady Ursula Byron’s cook will be here any moment now to pick it up. Thank you, Seeker! If it weren’t for you, the Baker would be in big trouble.

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