Seekers Notes is a puzzle game where the player becomes The Seeker. It includes a creepy story line. The town of Darkwood is under a curse, and no one seems to know how to lift it.

The Unexpected Trouble collection is the last part of the second series of quests in the Mystery of December event. It is the Seekers Notes Christmas event. The focus is on a newly unlocked location called the Gift Post Office.

Towards the end of the first series of quests in the Mystery of December event, Helen tells The Seeker that the townspeople’s gifts had been ruined. Someone ripped up the wrapping paper and tore off the bows.

Colonel Hammerstrike decides to hold an investigation to find the criminal. He gets a bit overzealous in his desire to punish whomever ruined the gifts. One thing is clear: Colonel Hammerstrike is really angry!

Colonel Hammerstrike: It’s unacceptable! Helen told me everything. The rascal responsible must be caught and punished! I’ll start the investigation right now. Are you with me, Seeker?

The player responds: Sure thing!

Colonel Hammerstrike: The culprit must have left some tracks. Let’s take a close look. If we’re lucky, the tracks will lead us straight to the vandal. I can’t wait to arrest them!

I found pine cones.

Colonel Hammerstrike: Hmm, we found pine cones instead of footprints. Interesting. That means our culprit is no ordinary vandal, but an experienced criminal who knows how to cover their tracks.

Colonel Hammerstrike: Unfortunately, we can’t catch the criminal. We have no evidence! But we need to secure the Gift Post Office. Helen is working here, after all! And, of course, all the townspeople’s gifts are here. I also happened to notice that the Gift Post Office window can’t be locked.

It appears that Colonel Hammerstrike is especially protective of Helen. I have absolutely no idea what she thinks about that, or if she is even aware that Colonel Hammerstrike feels that way toward her.

I found a latch.

Colonel Hammerstrike: Excellent! Even a simple latch can stop a crime. Let’s fit the latch to the window forthwith. Security above all!

Colonel Hammerstrike: I don’t want to leave you and Helen unprotected, but it’s my turn to go on patrol. Let’s agree on a signal if the criminal tries to repeat their crime!

This time, the quest requires the player to explore the Gift Post Office while it has the Gargoyle anomaly. The game randomly places a variety of anomalies into different locations. If the player is lucky, the right anomaly will appear in the location that they are about to explore.

In my experience, this simply does not happen. I ended up playing through the Gift Post Office multiple times in the hopes that the next time would have the Gargoyle anomaly. The only good thing about this is it was an opportunity to work on getting the Gift Post Office to its next Rank.

Eventually, the Gargoyle anomaly appeared. I was able to successfully find all of the hidden objects, and the flare appeared when I was finished. In the meantime, I moved the rank of the Gift Post Office from 50.0% of the way through Amateur to 87.5% of the way through it.

Colonel Hammerstrike: Excellent! This flare is so bright that I’ll notice it day or night. As soon as you sense any danger, send up the signal immediately, okay? I’ll come at once.

Helen: Colonel Hammerstrike is so kind and noble. But I don’t think the culprit will come again. I’m more worried that the gifts of the townspeople have been ruined… They need to be rewrapped!

My next exploration of the Gift Post Office resulted in a new Rank. It was now at the Connoisseur Rank.

I have now completed two of the five stages that require players to increase the Rank of the Gift Post Office.

I found the wrapping paper.

Helen: Where did you get such a beautiful set of wrapping paper? Wonderful! Let’s get down to work. It’ll be sad if someone receives a gift with torn paper.

Helen: The townspeople put a lot of effort into wrapping the gifts and selecting the right ribbons! It would be so unfair if their efforts were in vain. Maybe you can find a set of colorful ribbons?

I found a set of colorful ribbons.

Helen: Spectacular! There are so many different ribbons! We can easily pick the right one for each gift.

Helen: We just need to rewrap all the gifts and decorate them with ribbons. There are lots of gifts, but the work will go much faster and be more fun in this magical atmosphere. Let’s get started.

The way to complete this quest is to assemble and trade a collection. Players that reach this point in the quest chain have already gathered up the main items they need for the collection. They may or may not have gathered up the extra items that the collection requires.

It turned out that I had everything I needed to complete the Unexpected Trouble collection.

All of the items on the collection get used up when the player completes the collection.

Congratulations! You’ve assembled this collection: Unexpected Trouble.

Helen: I’m grateful for your help! The gifts are wrapped and ready to be sent. I still hope the culprit will be caught, and that this unpleasantness won’t be repeated.

Helen: Oh, what was that? A knock?

The player responds: Yes!

Helen: I can’t believe it, the knocking is coming from inside that large clock!

The player responds: Let’s check it out!

This quest chain ends on a very creepy note that leads the player into the next series of quests in the Mystery of December event.

Congratulations! You completed the stage challenge and get Old Crown as a reward!

I have now completed all of the Stage 2 quests in the Mystery of December event.

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