Seekers Notes is a puzzle game where the player must find hidden objects before the time runs out. It includes a creepy storyline. The town of Darkwood is under a curse, and no one knows how to remove it.

The Mystery of December event is the Seekers Notes Christmas holiday event. The focus is on a newly opened location called the Gift Post Office. I’m not sure I have enough time to complete everything before the event ends.

At the very end of the previous quest chain, an NPC (non-player character) named Helen was alarmed by a knocking that came from inside a large clock. She and the player – who becomes the Seeker – were rewrapping gifts that had been ruined by someone.

Helen: The castle-shaped clock is pretty large. Even an adult could fit in there! Oh, you don’t think someone’s been hiding in there all this time? Let’s find something to defend ourselves with.

Helen wants The Seeker to find her a cricket bat.

I found the cricket bat.

Helen: We’re lucky that there’s a cricket bat in the Gift Post Office! I don’t want to use it, but it’ll do for self-defense.

Helen: Seeker, let’s not open the clock door without protecting ourselves. How about a shield? Or something similar.

Helen favors improvised weapons that are primarily for defense. She’s very different from Colonel Hammerstrike who is clearly a huge fan of guns and other typical weapons.

I found a sturdy tray.

Helen: A big tray will be perfect for self-defense. There’s one in the town hall just like it, so you can be sure: it’s sturdy enough.

Helen: Hmm, there’s no doorknob on the clock door. As far as I know, this clack has been here for many years, so the doorknob must be somewhere around.

The Gift Post Office had an anomaly on it, and I didn’t really want to do that one. I used an item that can dispel it, and automatically found the doorknob that Helen wanted The Seeker to find.

Helen: Thank you, Seeker! You’ve found the right doorknob. I’m a little scared, but we must hurry! Let’s find out who’s hiding inside the clock!

Suddenly, a sprig of mistletoe appears out of nowhere. This may seem strange, but not in Darkwood. Ever since the curse fell upon the town, all manner of odd occurrences have happened.

Helen: A mistletoe branch? Strange. Maybe it’s a message in the language of plants? The Flower Girl told me that ever flower and every bush has its own meaning. Let’s consume a plant atlas.

I have now leveled up the Old Gift Post to the Rank of Sleuth.

Congratulations! You completed the stage challenge and get Christmas Cake as a reward!

I have now completed Stage 3 of the part of the Mystery of December event that involve leveling the rank of the Old Gift Office. Two more ranks to go!  I’m not sure I’ll have the time to finish this before the event ends.

I found the plant atlas.

Helen: Mistletoe is used as a talisman, protection against storms, and as decoration for the holidays… It seems that we were mistaken. Most likely the branch was dropped by the culprit. But how did they get out of the clock?

Helen: It’s way too dark inside the clock, you can’t see anything. But we can’t just sit on our hands waiting for the colonel. We need to find a light source and search for evidence.

This quest can only be completed by entering the Gift Post Office while it has been afflicted with the Dark Entities anomaly. Each anomaly is randomly placed.

If the right one isn’t there when the player enters a location, they can try and summon the anomaly they need by successfully finding all the hidden objects in that location before the time runs out. In my experience, it takes several tries before the right anomaly appears.

I found the matches.

I leveled up the Gift Post Office to the rank of Sleuth right after I started working on the Language of Plants quest. At that time I had the location 8.0% of the way towards the next rank. By the time I found the matches, it was at 24.0% of the way to the next rank.

Helen: Good idea! Fireplace matches are much longer than usual, which means they will burn longer. Okay, let’s decide who will examine the clock. How about drawing straws? Or matches, in our case.

Helen: There’s no one inside the clock. What if there’s a secret corridor behind the clock wall? I think the clock manual should have a full description of the mechanism!

By this point, I had managed to find all of the required objects that are part of the Who’s Knocking at the Door collection. To my surprise, I also had enough of the extra holiday items that the collection required.

I have now completed the Who’s Knocking at the Door collection. Doing so uses up all of the required items and several of the special holidays items. They smush together to create the item on the end.

Helen: The mechanism turned out to be very simple. The castle clock was custom made for the postmaster, and it has no secret passages. But what was that knocking? Oh, I’m scared!

At this point, the Seeker leaves Helen to worry about whatever is going on with that clock, and turns their attention to the children of Darkwood who are trying to track down a monster.

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