Around 2:30 in the morning, I decided to see if I could finish off Act IV (Normal difficulty) in Diablo III. After all, I’ve been told that Act IV is “short”. Yeah… not so much. I didn’t finish Act IV this time, but, I did pick up more achievements and I got to do and see parts of the game I’d never experienced before.

Here’s my Barbarian, Zeta, and the Templar. They started out just a little bit before this point. Zeta is at level 30. They are talking to Itherael, the archangel of Fate.

Itherael: I am Itherael, archangel of Fate.  It is my duty to record what is and what will be within the Scroll of Fate.  But you, nephalem – you are not in the scroll.  Your fate is unwritten.

Zeta is as impatient as I am to finally fight Diablo.

Zeta: Then I shall write my destiny in Diablo’s blood!  You can watch all of creation burn, or you can help me now.

Checkpoint! Gardens of Hope – First Tier

Sin The Slayer

Library of Fate – where Diablo gives you a big hint that you will be fighting Rakanoth soon.

Diablo: Rakanoth, do not fail me, or your fate will be the same as Iskatu’s and my brothers’.

Rakanoth – The Lord of Despair


It took me two tries to kill Rakanoth.

Killing him got me Don’t Worry: Kill Rakanoth before killing any of his minions.

I also got Angel’s Bane: Kill Rakanoth on Normal difficulty.

Talk to Auriel, after setting her free from her prison in the Library of Fate.

Auriel: With my blessing, you can now dispel Diablo’s corruption.  It hides the rifts which bring his cursed servants to this hallowed place.  The rifts must be closed.

Here is a nice drawing of Tyrael – and a good place to end this blog.

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