Almost always, a Season ends for me right after I complete Chapter IV. There was at least one time (maybe two times) when I stuck around and completed Slayer.  Usually, I run out of time to give it a try.  Season 13 has been very different for me than previous seasons.

One big difference in this Season was that I devoted all my attention to the Necromancer class. It was a class that I’d only dabbled in before, and I was motivated to find out what the Necromancer could do at higher Paragon levels.

Season 13 was also the first Season after I started streaming on Twitch.  There is something about streaming that makes me want to play more often, and for more time, than I used to.

I started Slayer with the expectation that I’d be able to complete a couple of objectives – and then struggle through the rest. To my surprise, I zoomed through Slayer much quicker than I expected to.

I finished off the last three Slayer objectives. I completed the Set Dungeon on my first try (but was not able to Master it). Then, I killed off two “Big Bads” on Torment VII.

The screenshot above shows that I completed the Grace of Inarius Set Dungeon. It was really fun and only took one try to complete it.

Players who complete Slayer in Season 13 receive the Slayer version of the Season Portrait. The flavor text on this Portrait says: You slayed ’em.  It makes it very easy to tell the Season Portrait from the Slayer Season Portrait.

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