Today, the pollen count is 10. I could have guessed this when I woke up with itching eyes, “allergy stomach”, and super achy joints.

As such, I cannot focus on anything and it’s so bad that I can’t even work around my dyslexia today. If I left this post uncorrected – you wouldn’t be able to read it. Takes twice as long to write something when you have to go back and fix every other word.

I am down to writing a paragraph for the paid work I’m supposed to be writing, and then floating away for a while, and then maybe managing another paragraph later. Progress is slow, and I am frustrated.

…and this is BEFORE I (eventually) resort to taking Benadryl.

The one bright spot of the day is that there is a Cubs game today and they are doing their ring ceremony. My husband and I watched the banner ceremony the other day. Makes me happy.

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