Today, the pollen count is 8.9. It could be a whole lot better, but I guess it will do. It’s not like I get a choice about how high the pollen count will be.

The best news of today was that I got to go to acupuncture which helps not only my allergies, but also my rheumatoid arthritis pain, my fibromyalgia exhaustion, and the inflammation that makes all of my chronic illnesses get worse.

I had just enough energy to walk to the nearby restaurant that has a PokéStop and eat nachos, and drink a Moscow Mule, with my husband (who had a burger and some of my nachos after I got too full.)

I’ve been fighting sleep ever since – because even though I get a good solid nap at acupuncture, I always need a second one sometime after I get home.

Long story short, some of our websites are having issues and I decided that was a good enough reason to go in and delete a bunch of garbage that I didn’t need on the blog anymore. Oh, and clean out images that connected to blogs that I’d already deleted.

And now… I am flat out exhausted and probably will end up sleeping for 12 hours or so.

Whenever I wake up, I will need to take whatever energy I have and put it into paid writing work.

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