Today, the pollen count is 8.6. That’s not much better than yesterday’s 8.9.

I’m guessing the slight drop in pollen might be due to the small amount of rain we got today. It wasn’t enough rain to pull all the pollen out of the air, unfortunately.

I woke up with what I call “allergy face” – puffy face, eyes swollen and itchy. Going out in public like this tends to scare people (who assume I have a cold or flu or something they can catch from me.)

My husband still has the “bug” he caught, and doesn’t seem to be getting any better. It’s only a matter of time before the “bug” finds me.

I’m still sleeping a lot, and my dreams are the muddled, nonsensical kind that come from too many days of being on Benadryl.

We are starting to run out of some provisions, and will be venturing out into the pollen to replenish them. We didn’t plan well enough on our previous trip to the marketplace, probably because both of us are sick.

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