How long will this Spring Pollen Season go on? Nobody knows! I find that extremely frustrating. In general, its easier for me to cope with awfulness if I KNOW that there will be an endpoint and exactly WHEN that endpoint will be.

I am not religious. I am an atheist. That being said, there is a phrase that comes to my mind: “God won’t give you anything you can’t handle.”

Apparently, there is some god out there that thinks I’m invincible, and is amusing himself/herself/itself by trying to drown me in pollen just to see how much it would take before the pollen kills me.

To that deity, I say this: Lower your expectations. Or, turn me into a superhero with amazing superhero powers. Or, ya know, you could just knock it off and leave me alone.

Today, I am struggling to cope with the 10.3 pollen count (which is physically painful to exist in). I’m also experiencing what I call “an allergy hangover” by which I mean that I’m sick today from the allergens I encountered yesterday when I pulled weeds.

I will not get anything productive done today.

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