We have had 83 days in 2017. About half of mine (40, to be exact) have been ruined by the pollen count.

I went outside today with my husband for about 15 minutes or so. I wasn’t recovered from the 9.9 pollen count from yesterday (when I had to go outside because I had a doctor’s appointment). I shouldn’t have gone outside today – or any day that is above a pollen count of 6.

It’s been 40 days of more pollen than my body can tolerate – with no end in sight. I’m going to have to go outside sometimes. In the past 40 days, I’ve tried to limit going outside to doctor’s appointments, getting groceries, or after the sun has gone down and the pollen is slightly lower.

My husband and I played Pokémon GO for about 15 minutes and picked up a drink from Starbucks and sandwiches from a local place that suddenly has gluten free bread.

I managed to eat – and my body managed to digest the food.

Then, I needed a nap that lasted several hours.

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