In the wee hours of the morning, I attempted to plan ahead. I was trying to get as much work done as possible before the sun came up and the pollen started spewing through the air.

I chose this moment to do an experiment. In the past, I’ve had odd reactions to coconut, once from coconut water and once from coconut in soap. Was it really an allergy? It was time to find out.

I had a teeny half-spoonful of coconut ice cream. It didn’t take long before I started sneezing sneezing sneezing (and this was before the sun was up). When my throat started to feel funny, I took half a Benadryl to stop the reaction.

The results of this experiment show that yes, I am in fact very allergic to coconut. How disappointing!

The pollen count on Day 3 was 8.1. Typically, it gets gradually higher for a while. To my dismay, the pollen count was going to be 8.9 today. That’s practically a 9!

Needless to say, I slept too many hours in a row again. Itching eyes woke me up, so I started the daily parade of allergy medications.

My husband is still fighting the “bug” he caught, and I fear that the “bug” has found me, as well. I’m not sure I have the strength to fight the pollen and a “bug” at the same time.

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