I have resorted to employing a tactic that worked reasonably well in previous pollen seasons. I’ve become nocturnal. The hope is that if I can sleep through the worst parts of day that has more pollen than I can handle – I’ll be ok.

The other half of the equation involves frantically trying to get work done in the wee hours of the morning, before I fall asleep.

This time, the tactic was only partially successful. I woke up with eye pain – the worst symptom of pollen season. In short, I had an allergic reaction to the pollen in the air while I was still asleep – and this resulted in enough eye pain to wake me up. I am a very sound sleeper, so you can imagine the intensity of this pain.

There is a remedy for that, which I take as soon as possible. Then, I have to wait around, in pain, for it to take effect. Pain is exhausting! I am never quite right again on days when I wake up with eye pain.

Meanwhile, my husband is still sick and coughing a lot – and I started getting some of his symptoms last night.

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