I was still awake in the wee hours of the morning, so I checked the pollen count for today.  I was pretty tired, but I swear it told me that the pollen count would be 6.0 today.  The five day forecast indicated that the pollen would be lower than 7.0 for five days straight. I went to sleep feeling optimistic.

Hours later, after I woke up, I checked the pollen count again. It clearly said that today was 7.2. The five day forecast no longer indicated days of nice, safe, pollen counts.

I must have dreamed that the pollen count was getting better.

This little story probably gives you everything you need to know about what it is like to have an allergy to several different kinds of pollen and to be sick from those allergens for seventy-four days. Healthy people don’t have dreams about the pollen count, and then wake up disappointed that it was only a dream.

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