Today, the pollen count was 7.8 and it was very windy outside.  I woke up sick and already experiencing allergy symptoms – itching eyes.  I am still feeling very anemic.

Put that all together, and it means I have almost no energy with which to be productive.  By “productive”, I mean “doing something that makes money.” This is the definition I hold myself to after decades of being poor.  Obviously, there are plenty of things that can be defined as “productive” that don’t result in money.  But, money pays the bills – so there’s where my head goes.

Fortunately, I finished all of my writing work for this month.  No idea how I managed to do that a couple of days early.  This probably explains why, a few days ago, I was feeling like all I did was sleep and work.

I needed this day off more than I realized.

The most productive things I managed to do today (that weren’t paid work) include: dusting my desk, taking a shower, and sorting through video game screenshots.  Oh, and I helped put the laundry away, too.  It’s not much, but it took all of my very limited energy anyway.  I am “out of spoons”.

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