Today, the pollen count was 8.  My original plan for today was to go outside and buy some clothes.  I hate shopping, and tend to hold off doing it until I’ve literally worn holes in items and need to replace them.  Walking around the store, and trying on a bunch of clothing until something fits, takes more energy for me than it does for healthy people.

I am still anemic, and simply do not have the energy to carry out that plan.

So, I worked on some fun blogs (meaning: unpaid) and watched the Cubs game.  I drove to get food while the game was on and my husband and I played maybe fifteen minutes of Pokémon Go.  We watched the rest of the game. (The Cubs lost this one.)

As the sun was going down, I went outside to do about 30 minutes of yard work.  It was cool outside, and starting to get dark – together this means less pollen (the flowers close up) and no bees (too cold).   Less allergen exposure makes it safer for me to do.  I don’t get a lot of it done in one try – but I’ll get there, eventually.

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