Today’s pollen count is 8.2. It seems to be bouncing between 7 and 8.6 or so. I’m hoping that this means that I won’t have to suffer through any more days where the pollen count is at 9 or 10 (at least, not during this particular pollen season).

I was somehow well enough to go outside and get a little bit of exercise while playing Pokémon GO with my husband. As usual, that took away almost all of my energy. It’s a trade off. Meaning, I wasn’t really well enough – just stubborn.

I’m wondering if what I thought was Spring Pollen Season is “the new normal”. Have we messed up the planet so badly that we are now stuck with an extended Spring? I’ve been tracking the pollen count where I live for a few years now. Off the top of my head, I can’t remember the exact number of days Spring Pollen Season went on in past years.

My suspicion is that “Spring” is getting longer. I’m going to dig through my notes and see what that tells me.

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