The pollen count is 7.4, which isn’t good for me. It’s better than the nine previous days (where the pollen count was between 9.0 and 10.4).

Mother Nature took pity on me and allowed a reasonable amount of rain to fall. She knocked some pollen out of the air for me, and I am breathing a bit better than I have been.

I decided to take advantage of this unexpected luck by taking half a Benadryl and attempting to clean everything in the house. I’m sure I won’t get to it all – but I am going to try my best.

Usually, my husband does the majority of the cleaning. Today, I get to help.

Of course, the amount of allergens I will be exposed to due to cleaning are going to make me very sick either later tonight or tomorrow. The “silver lining” is that I’ll have a cleaner indoor environment… to be sick in.

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