Question for anyone reading this.  Have you ever been sick for 30 days/ an entire month?  I figure this is not very common, even among people with allergies.

The instant the sun came up I started sneezing, having a runny nose, having a severely unhappy digestive system, and bad joint pain.

The cumulative effects of the pollen – for the past month – are becoming devastating.

All I can do now is take allergy medication (probably Benadryl), and sleep in a closed room with an air cleaner.

If I was working a “real job”, I’m certain I would have been fired long before now for having to take so many sick days in a row.  I’m struggling to get my “not quite a real job” done as it is.

I’m frustrated because there is nothing I can do to stop this misery.  I cannot start to get better (less symptomatic) until the pollen count drops to 6.5 or below for at least two weeks straight.

When I get this bad, I wish the reason I’m so sick is because of something I did.  Because if I did the thing, and it made me this sick – then I could simply not do the thing – and not be sick.

But, it’s Mother Nature doing the thing – and no one can make her stop doing the thing.

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