I was up really late  – and into the morning – once again trying to work while the pollen count was the lowest.  Things didn’t go so well.

It was extremely windy the whole time.  Wind kicks up dust, dirt, and pollen, and spreads it all over the air.  Makes me cough, even when I’m indoors.

My eyes are itching and I’m about to take medication for that.  Yesterday, I started getting the unfortunate digestive symptoms that happen when I’ve been overloaded with pollen for too long.

Last month, I went through the final stage of the process involved in getting Social Security Disability.  The horrible judge denied my case.  Because, of course everyone else loses about a month (or more) every Spring pollen season to debilitating allergic reactions.  Totally normal.  Not a disability at all.

This has been happening to me every year since… at least 2015… twice a year.  (Once for Spring pollen season, and once for Fall pollen season).

I’d like to channel all of my symptoms and afflict her with them for an entire pollen season.

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