The pollen count is 7.8 for two days in a row.

I have slept a ridiculous amount of hours in a row, and my husband is sick with some kind of coughing “bug”.

We are out of provisions and too sick to obtain more right now. Thankfully, my husband braved the pollen count and brought home a meal for us.

UPDATE: We decided to go out into the pollen and venture to the store for provisions. This task is aways draining for me. This time it was also draining for my husband due to the “bug” he caught.

We now have enough food for a week. Hopefully, the pollen count will be much lower by the time we need to obtain more provisions.

We also had a little time to survey the local Pokémon and catch some of the pink ones that are so prevalent right now.

We are at the tail end of their migration season, and won’t see them in such abundance until next year.

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