Squeakers, the Trickster, is a mount that was released in January of 2020. It was made available to players who had an existing 6-month subscription with a future renewal date.

Those who do not have a 6-month subscription to World of Warcraft can purchase Squeakers, the Trickster for $25.00 in the Blizzard Shop.

I found Squeakers the Trickster in the Mounts tab. It is wrapped up in a gift box that the player gets to open. The flavor text on this mount says:

The locals in Halfhill swear that whenever a batch of grain is missing, a farmworking instrument is misplaced, or a bushel of berries can’t be found, you can hear a mischievous squeaking, and are reminded to slow down and accept what life gives you.

Inside is a highly decorated white rat that all of my World of Warcraft characters can use. It even has a saddle! And yes, it does make little squeaking sounds.

Here is my Death Knight Gnome, Riglee, riding Squeakers.

This mount automatically scales to the fastest riding skill known by each of your characters. It can be used as either a ground mount, or a flying mount, or both.

If your character has the flying mount ability, Squeakers can launch itself into the air, while doing a graceful spin. It then stays in the air and you can direct it to where you want to go – just like with any other flying mount.

Squeakers will do the graceful spin even if your character doesn’t have flying unlocked. The difference is that Squeakers will land back on the ground after spinning.

Here is my Death Knight Gnome, Riglee, flying away on a rat mount with shiny wings! In this screenshot, you can see Squeakers’ adorable little hands and feet!

Off they go, seeking adventure!


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