Stamp The Champs: Kill a champion of all of the following types.

The Stamp the Champs Achievement is a Career Achievement that I happened to earn during Season 3. I completed the Achievement in Hard difficulty and on my Seasonal Crusader. However, it can be earned on any character, at any level of difficulty.

This Achievement can be found in your Career Achievement board under the category called Challenges. It is an Act V Achievement, but I’m pretty sure that I did at least some of it while I was in Nephalam Rifts. You have to kill off Champion packs of monsters that typically appear in Act V in Story Mode.

I earned the Stamp the Champs Achievement on April 19, 2015.  Completing this Achievement earns a player 40 Achievement Points.  This is one of those Achievements that a player will eventually earn if he or she just keeps playing Diablo III.

Here are the “Champs” that players need to “Stamp”:

Rat Caller, Skeletal Crawler, Enraged Phantasm, Maggot Blood, Lashing Creeper, Cave Bat, Boggit, Tusked Bogan, Shrieking Terror, Bogan Trapper, Scarab, Flesh Gorger, Flesh Shaman, Winged Assassin, Exarch, Executioner, Anarch, Primordial Scavenger, Scouring Charger, Scouring Lobber, Corpse Raider, Vile Bat, Swift Fleshmauler, Death Maiden, Revenant Soldier, Revenant Shield, Revenant Archer, Ghastly Seraph, Vicious Hound.

Earning this Achievement unlocks a special Banner Sigil.

Champion monsters are the packs of blue monsters.  They may, or may not, accompany a yellow elite monster.  You cannot earn this Achievement unless you have the Reaper of Souls (RoS) expansion for Diablo III.

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