The word "Blaugust" is underneath a red line. Below it is "2022" which is in the middle of two parts of a different line. Some think it resembles the logo art for Stranger Things

I don’t know about you, but I’m losing my motivation for Blaugust. That doesn’t mean I’m quitting – just that I’m struggling to find the energy to post something every day. I’ve had the same thing happen every time I participated in NaPodPoMo, where the goal is to post one episode of your podcast every day in November.

What’s slowing me down this Blaugust? The weather here has been hotter than I’d like it to be, and it coincides with what already has become a brutal Fall pollen season. Trying to create blog posts while on allergy medication is… less than ideal. There has also been some random other things popping up that took time and energy to fix.

I’m also way behind on reading/watching everyone else’s Blaugust posts. I’ve been putting a “thumbs up” emoji on the posts I’ve read or watched. Maybe you noticed that, maybe you didn’t. It’s my way of keeping track of where I left off.

How am I staying motivated? Some of it is sheer force of will. If I start one of these month-long projects, my intent is to finish them. There are only eight more days left of Blaugust 2022 (not including today). We are all getting close to the finish line. Now is not the time to give up!

Here’s what I think I’ll be posting in the remaining days of Blaugust 2022:

A one-off I ran for my friends on a day when we didn’t have enough people to play D&D (podcast)

Really old World of Warcraft screenshots featuring the Pet Biscuit (because it amuses me)

Book review of at least one of the books I finished reading recently

An Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp blog – I haven’t posted any in a while

Another Diablo Immortal video – which I probably need to edit first

A cute, short, video of our cockatiel eating snacks

Kitchen Scramble blog – if I have time

Maybe a Seekers Notes blog – It’s been a long time since I posted one

Now that I’ve taken the time to map out the end of Blaugust, I feel less stressed than when I started this blog post. I reserve the right to change the things I put in the above list. There’s a chance I’ll find something I’d rather blog about and swap something out in favor of… whatever that might be.

Those of you who have also lost your motivation to complete Blaugust can try making a list of what else you would like to post on your blog this month. It might save you the time of having to think up a new thing every day.

Writing this blog post, this week, counts as one of the Blaugchievements. I’ve found those to be motivating on days when I have no idea what to write about.


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