This gorgeous mount is the Sylverian Dreamer. You can get it for free with a six-month subscription to World of Warcraft. This offer is valid through July 29, 2019.

I accidentally obtained this mount without realizing I had done so.

Let me explain. I have been doing a monthly World of Warcraft subscription for quite some time now. I don’t remember when I started doing that.

The game is still fun for me. My main is a Gnome Death Knight who is just past Level 100 and working towards Level 101. I’m enjoying messing around with the Garrison and attempting to turn in the multitude of finished quests that are scattered all across Draenor.

I’m also leveling up a little Gnome Mage, with intent to start playing with a friend who is also leveling up a Gnome. I’m enjoying the really old, low-level questing (even though I’ve done it before – more than once.)

My husband wanted me to switch to an annual World of Warcraft subscription, because I guess it comes out cheaper overall. For whatever reason, we never got around to doing that.

Sometime in the past week or so, I started noticing what I call “Twitter drama” regarding World of Warcraft. People were angry about something, but I couldn’t figure out they were upset about. It didn’t appear to have anything to do with the upcoming release of World of Warcraft Classic (which I’m looking forward to).

So, I ignored the drama.

A few days ago, my husband and I remembered that we were going to move my WoW subscription from monthly to annual. I remember him mentioning that the annual option wasn’t available anymore, but they did have a six-month subscription. We switched my account to that.

Later, I saw a tweet from Blizzard’s World of Warcraft account with an image of a blue dragon. It seemed to be a mount. The tweet mentioned something about a six-month subscription.

….Wait, a minute! Did I just accidentally unlock a mount?

Sure enough, when I logged into World of Warcraft, the lovely Sylverian Dreamer mount was waiting for me. Thanks, Blizzard, for giving me a beautiful dragon for moving my three-month subscription to a six-month subscription. I was aiming for an annual subscription, but this will do!

The description of the Sylverian Dreamer says: An artist in the magical city of Dalaran fell asleep on her brush, and dreamed of painting a beautiful feathered dragon. Her artwork lept from the page, and when she awoke, she found it sleeping gently beside her.

This amuses me because I am an artist with chronic illnesses that cause me to sleep for longer than most people need to. I accidentally found myself with a dragon mount, much like the artist in Dalaran who awoke to find that the drawing she dreamed about had come to life.

The Sylverian Dreamer is absolutely gorgeous! I love the shiny wings that have various shades of blue on them.

Like many other World of Warcraft mounts, this one can be used by all of your characters. It scales to each character’s riding skill. This means my little bitty Mage can use it, even though she doesn’t have any of the flying skills yet. This dragon is able to run across the ground, too.

Why are people so upset about a beautiful, blue, dragon mount that they can get for free with a six-month subscription? I have no idea. Players who missed the deadline for the bundle can buy the Sylverian Dreamer mount on the Blizzard Store for $25 if they want to.

As for me, I’m a very casual WoW player who feels like I got a glorious blue dragon mount as a “freebie” just because I happened to upgrade to a six-month subscription at just the right time.

Sylverian Dreamer is a post written by Jen Thorpe on Book of Jen and is not allowed to be copied to other sites.

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  1. I think you just tipped the scales and I’ll get this mount too.
    Several in our raid team were strutting about and, why not, let’s go get it. It is lovely.

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