California 2 comments on Here’s Why Governor Newsom Won’t be Recalled

Here’s Why Governor Newsom Won’t be Recalled

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The vast majority of voters in California are registered with the Democratic Party. There aren’t enough registered Republican voters in the state to compete with them – even if some Independents vote with the Republicans.

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California Recall Update

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If you have to keep moving the goalposts – your cause is invalid.

This blog post is an update about the California recall election, which was pushed by Trump supporters and/or Republicans. The group behind the recall, and all who signed it, are trying to steal an election. They keep moving the goalposts about why they want Governor Newsom to face a recall election. That’s a huge sign that their cause is invalid – and they know it.

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California 2 comments on Facts About the California Recall

Facts About the California Recall

California is one of the states that allows residents to attempt to remove a Governor through a recall. There is a specific process that must be followed in order to initiate a recall. In other words, it takes quite a bit of effort to force a recall, and there is no guarantee that it will succeed.

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