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Helping Mehtan the Necromancer (Season 2)

This blog is part of the series I am doing about my progress through Season 2 of Diablo III. My main goal for Season 2 is to get my hard core Demon Hunter to Level 70. I really want the transmog that unlocks after a player gets a Seasonal character to Level 70. If I manage to accomplish this goal, I will create a new one.

Along the way, I’m attempting to get as many of the Seasonal Monster Slaying Achievements as possible. I’ve been moving slowly this Season because it happened to hit at the same time as a really bad allergy season. There are days when I’m too sick to do much of anything, including play video games.

The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on March 14, 2015. I’m still doing Bounties in Act II, but I’ve moved the difficultly from Normal to Hard. Overall, it went pretty well.
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