The Family of Rathe event can be found in the Decaying Crypt in Act I. Players can start looking for it somewhere in the Fields of Misery. This event can also be offered to players as a Bounty.

The event starts when a player encounters a ghost girl named Willa Rathe. She can be found in the Decaying Crypt Level 2.  If you are using the Templar as your follower when this event pops up, he will make some comments about spirits.  The screenshots you see in this blog were taken on April 8, 2013.

The first thing you need to do is work your way down to level 2 of the Decaying Crypt.  Look for an area that appears to have a large drain (or maybe it is a sinkhole) in the center of it.  Willa Rathe will be waiting for you there (with an exclamation point over her head).  Talk to her to start the event/bounty.

Willa Rathe: Please, free my family from their cursed existence!  I can hear them… digging…

Kormac the Templar: Be on your guard.  Spirits lie.

Shortly after Kormac gives the player his warning, the event begins.  The other three members of the Rathe family will crawl out of the drain.  Each one is a Superunique Undead, which means that they are non-random boss monsters, and that they have special names in purple text.  Superunique monsters have set spawn locations and are often part of a quest (or Bounty).

The Rathe family (excluding Willa Rathe) are all from the Undead category of monsters, which means they are re-animated human corpses.  The goal of The Family of Rathe event/Bounty is: “Help the ghost of Willa Rathe put her family to rest.”  In short, the player needs to kill them all off.

Father Rathe: Whelp! Prepare to face my wrath!

Father Rathe – Defiled Patriarch is Willa Rathe’s father.  He has the Knockback affix.

Mother Rathe: Our meddling daughter would do well to leave us be!  You will pay for her weakness!

Mother Rathe – Defiled Matriarch is the wife of Father Rathe and the mother of Willa Rathe.  Mother Rathe has the Frozen affix.

Little Jebby Rathe: It is folly to disturb us!

Little Jebby Rathe is Willa Rathe’s younger brother.  Their parents are Father Rathe and Mother Rathe.  Little Jebby Rathe has the Fast affix.

These three superunique characters do not spawn at exactly the same time. Father Rathe appears first.  There is a slight delay before Mother Rathe spawns and another small delay before Little Jebby Rathe spawns.  Players end up fighting all three at the same time.

Willa Rathe: At last, they are free…

After you kill off Father Rathe, Mother Rathe, and Little Jebby Rathe, you will see that Willa Rathe has another exclamation point over her head.  Players must talk to her in order to complete the event/Bounty.

Willa Rathe: Thanks to you, my family can now rest, free from the curse they brought upon themselves.

Kormac the Templar: Some spirits linger to right past wrongs.  I was… mistaken about her.

This ends the Family of Rathe event.  There doesn’t seem to be a clear story line behind this family, what killed them, or why they were buried in level 2 of the Decaying Crypt.

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