In my previous Diablo III blog, I went over a little bit about my first experiences with Monster Power. It put in screenshots of how it went with my Demon Hunter, my Barbarian, and even one screenshot of my little bitty Monk.

I also tried out Monster Power with my little Wizard, Orlando. He started off as level six, so he was obviously still in Act I of Normal mode. I selected Monster Power 1 for him, and went right back to the Crypts in the Cemetery of the Forsaken. Here’s some of the highlights of his adventure.

Ran into Zuul the Blasphemous, and a pack of blue Skeletons

A pack of blue Ghostly Murderers

Infectus the Immortal (Lightning bolts are FUN!)

Pack of blue Wretching Cadavers

At this point, it seemed to me that playing on Monster Power 1 was giving me a lot more monsters, in packs, and with names, than when I played without Monster Power. A little while later, there was no doubt.

Digger O Dell – Must be Shoveling Off

This was actually the second time I’ve run into him. The first time was with my Demon Hunter (I think) and I was so excited I forgot to take a screenshot. Later, I learned that Digger O Dell isn’t actually included in the Haunted achievement I’m working on. Bummer. Oh, well, he must be good for something!

Big pack of blue Imps

Anarchis the Destroyer

So, what did I learn? I learned that playing a really low level character on Monster Power 1 is fun. By the time I was done, my little Wizard reached level 8. I also learned that Nevik was right: Shock Pulse and Diamond Skin are so much fun!

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