Shawn and I had a little bit of time to play some D3. Last time, we ended up having to stop when an earthquake hit. This left my Demon Hunter, ThirtySeven, and Shawn’s Barbarian, Smashez, somewhere in the series of Zoltan Kulle quests. We were in Act II in normal mode of Diablo III.

Here are some cool screenshots that I meant to add to the blog earlier, but I forgot. These were taken before the earthquake, but not that same day. They are from whenever we played previous to that. I didn’t want to just drop them into the “trash”, so here they are.

Deathrattle Darkshade

We found the big spider somewhere in Level 2 of Cave of the Betrayer.

It was around the same time that Shawn got Bone Collector: Explore the Following Areas of the Desolate Sands – Vault of the Assassin, Cave of the Betrayer Level 1, Cave of the Betrayer Level 2, Desolate Sands

Siuzogg the Murderer

The following screenshots are from the D3 adventure that ThirtySeven and Smashez had next. This was not the same night as the earthquake. It was at least a few days after that.

Gapewound the Doomed

Here’s Emperor Hakan II *cough*Belial*cough* and the ghost of Zoltan Kulle and Leah, hanging out, like ya do…

Emperor Hakan II: Good, everyone’s together.  I came to tell you that I have found Bellial, and I’m ready to lead you to him.

Floating Diablo III themed mahjong tiles

Malice Greedgallow

Zoltan Kulle, sharing words of wisdom

Unknown Depths Shadow Lock Opened

Wrath the Unforgiven (died horribly)

Desiccated Imp – not a recommended alternative to beef jerky

Checkpoint! Storm Halls Shadow Lock Opened

The Portal that takes us to the Realm of Shadow

Borgoz the Ancient

Not one, but two, Elite Frost Sentinels

Zoltan Kulle tries to convince us to join the Dark Side.

This is where we decided to stop for the night. When we were done, both ThirtySeven and Smashez were at level 25.

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