My little Orc Mage, Nazuga, just completed Day Five of the TrialMan Challenge. Halfway there! Day Five was a bit if a struggle, but was still interesting and fun. I figure it might have gone more smoothly if I wasn’t so very tired when I was playing WoW.

This time, I remembered to take a screenshot of both the stats and the time played right away.

At the start of Day 5, I’d spent 4 hours, 25 minutes, and 25 seconds on my new little Orc.

Here’s the stats at the start of Day Five. (Only 1 death so far)

At the start of Day Five, Nazuga decided to leave his new girlfriend, Gail Nozzywig. She mentioned her “VERY good friend” Thonk, and then complained “What? We can’t see other people?

After spending the night thinking about it, Nazuga decides that Gail just isn’t the one for him. The two just weren’t very happy together. See?

Unfortunately, Nazuga’s first quest led him directly to someone he didn’t really want to meet.

Thonk asks Did Gail mention me? Nazuga glares, and nods. Not one to pick up on subtle social cues, Thonk immediately asks for Nazuga’s help.

Thonk: There are still people put there.  I’ve been searching for a while, but haven’t been able to find anything.  Would you mind taking my telescope and taking a look for yourself?

Nazuga takes Thonk’s spyglass, and wonders Did he injure his eyes in battle?

He sees an Orc woman, all by herself, standing near a small home. He sees an angry male Orc, screaming, and waving his hands in the air. He sees a male Troll, all by himself, staring off into the distance. Looking closer, he almost doesn’t see an elderly female Orc, half submerged in the flood waters.

Nazuga describes everything to Thonk, and then gives him back his spyglass.

I see… so the trick is that you need to put the LITTLE end of the spyglass up to your eye. I’ll remember that piece of information.

Thonk sends Nazuga on a quest to go help everyone he saw through the spyglass. This will be a difficult and time consuming journey, but Nazuga agrees to do it.

As he travels back down the tower, he thinks to himself: This is a good enough reason to get away from Thonk. That Orc will be of no help to anyone! He can stay here and be safe. Well, unless he manages to poke his eye out with the little end of the spyglass.

Distracted, and wondering what Gail Nozzywig ever saw in Thonk, Nazuga doesn’t fare very well.

(First death of the day – second death total)

Nazuga rises from his body and notes that he managed to kill the giant scorpion. The rotten little dinosaur that came out of nowhere was too much for him.

Hello again, Spirit Healer. I’ll be going now.

Nazuga finds Misha Tor’kren first. She is lamenting the loss of her son, Kron, on the anniversary of his passing. She asks Nazuga to help her finish a necklace of crockolisk teeth that she was making for Kron (and that she will place on his grave).

I will help you. Nazuga tells Misha. One must help a fellow Orc honor her family. Misha smiles at him and says Great! I need 250 more crockolisk teeth. Nazuga /facepalms.

Nazuga learns that Mages live longer if they shoot the target from far away.

He learns that crockolisks can climb! Uh-oh!

He learns that he just so happens to have a natural talent at tooth extraction. Who knew?

After painstakingly extracting 250 teeth from dead crockolisks, Nazuga hands them to Misha. She thanks him, and gives him the Hand Woven Vest she was making for Kron and Kron’s New Hunting Bag. He won’t need them now, and she wants someone to be able to use them.

To his surprise, the vest fits quite well. Kron must have been almost the same size as him. Nazuga tucks his old shirt into Kron’s New Hunting Bag, and sets off to help the others who are stuck in the flood waters.

Moving on, Nazuga set out to help an elderly female Orc that was sitting all by herself, submerged in the flood waters. Grandmatron Tekla said “I am old, and no longer physically able to endure the elements like this. Will you help lead me out of here?

Nazuga, of course, agreed to help. What kind of Orc wouldn’t help a Grandmatron? She asked to be taken to her grandson, Raggaran.

It turned out Grandmatron Tekla wasn’t as frail as he believed she was. She can fight!

Grandmatron Tekla also was able to cast a spell that allowed both her and Nazuga to walk on the water.

Unfortunately, she injured her ankle during a battle with one of those rotten little dinosaurs.

Nazuga considered picking her up and carrying her the rest of the way to her grandson. She couldn’t possibly weigh that much. Instead, she flew!

Running to keep up with Grandmatron Tekla, Nazuga wondered if she actually needed his help at all. This was one powerful Orc! After finding her grandson, Raggaran, she quickly disappeared.

Nazuga scratched his head. “Why would she leave so soon, after her struggle to find her grandson?” He quickly learned the answer to that question. It turns out that Raggaran is a jerk.

“Raggaran, I can lead you safely out of the flood waters and back to town. Let’s go!”, Nazuga said. Nazuga could see that Raggaran was strong. It should be very easy to rescue him from the floods.

However, Raggaran refused to go. “The quilboar are a stain on the land that not even the river can wash away. They told me to evacuate, but I told them that my job was not yet done. Hrrrraaagh! I hate the quilboar so much! Will you help me kill them?

I hate quilboar!, Raggaran growled.

Nazuga rested his chin in his hand, perplexed. Here was another Orc just as dimwitted as Thonk (who couldn’t figure out how to use his own spyglass). Suddenly, everything became clear to Nazuga. This explains why there are so few Orc Mages in Azeroth! Too many Orcs are strong of body, but pitifully weak of mind. /sigh

Hmm…, Nazuga thought to himself, If I can’t get Raggaran to leave here, I cannot finish the task I promised Thonk I would complete. This fool will not leave unless more quilboar die, and he’s too big to carry. The solution was obvious. Mumbling under his breath about stubborn, dimwitted, Orcs, Nazuga set off to slaughter the quilboar.

Ding! Level 10!

Leaving the story for a moment, Nazuga is now halfway to level 20, the maximum level he can be at during the TrialMan Challenge. Level 10 means he can have a class specialization.

I decided to go with Arcane. I have a Warlock who uses fire, so I don’t need my Mage to do the same. I’ve got a Shaman that uses some frost spells, and Arcane Missiles sounded like fun!

“Ok, Raggaran, I’ve slaughtered all the quilboar. There are no more! Now, will you leave this place?” Raggaran shook his head, no. Nazuga glared at the difficult Orc standing before him.

“I’m sorry you had to see me like that.”, Raggaran apologized. He then suggested that Nazuga go without him, before he flew into “one of his rages again”. Too late!

Leaving the dimwitted, irate, Orc screaming at the sky, Nazuga set out to find the last of the flood water survivors. Somewhere in the fields, there was a Troll who needed his help. But, where? Before he could remember, he was dead.

(That’s his third death since the start of the TrialMan Challenge.)

“Hello, again, Spirit Healer.” Nazuga grimaced, /waved, and stormed off to find his body.

“Zen’Taji, I am Nazuga. I have been sent to rescue you from the flood. Come with me.” a very tired Nazuga manages to say between breaths. To his dismay, the Troll won’t go. Nazuga /sighs “What must I kill to make you leave this place?” he asks, while glaring.

“No, mon, don’t kill nothin’ for me!”, the Troll answered, waving his arms. “Zen’Taji doesn’t like violence. Ya just need to scare the big birds back across de water, mon, so they don’t die over here.”

“BIRDS!?, yells Nazuga. “You refuse to leave the flood waters… because of BIRDS?!”

Zen’Taji says nothing. Nazuga has run out of patience and doesn’t want to stand here wasting time fighting with words. Grumbling under his breath, he walks away from Zen’Taji… “Dim Orc wants dead quilboar… stubborn Troll wants birds… but not dead… just scared….grrrrrrr.”

“Run, stupid giant bird…. run!”

Nazuga returns to Zen’Taji. “All the dumb birds have been scared across the water. Now, can we leave here?”

“I love all the little animals, Mon. I love the big ones, too. I just hate to see you hurt them like that… but it’s for the best.” Zen’Taji replies.

“Sure. For the best. Let’s leave this place.” Nazuga has gotten weary of helping others.

“First, I need you to slay Screamslash – The Terror of the Watershed. He’s an evil raptor that has been disrupting the balance of nature out here. Then we can leave., Zen’Taji says, grinning.

“Raptor? You mean one of those rotten little dinosaurs?”, Nazuga asks, glaring suspiciously at Zen’Taji.

“No, no….”, Zen’Taji assures him, “Screamslash is huge, mon!”

Mumbling to himself again about stubborn Trolls, and rotten big dinosaurs, Nazauga sets out to find Screamslash. As he searches, Nazuga considers which Inn he will relax in when he finally can leave the Flood Waters.

He takes a path that leads him between some giant rocks, and directly to Screamslash! Wasting no time, Nazauga casts a spell at the giant, rotten, dinosaur.

Oh, no! He brought two friends with him, and both are scorpions!

What is this green stuff?

Oh. Green stuff – bad. Wasting no time, Nazuga waves over his shoulder at the Spirit Healer as he runs back to find his body. He is certain she knows exactly who he is by now!

(This is Nazuga’s 4th death since the TrialMan Challenge started).

Nazuga was successful on his second try.

He and Zen’Taji leave the flood water area together. They part ways when Nazuga nears the tower that Thonk is at the top of. Very ready to be finished with this whole series of quests, an exhausted Nazuga starts climbing.

Before Nazuga is able to catch his breath, Thonk starts talking. “I was watching you with the spyglass! Very impressive! How’d you make the old woman fly, by the way?”

Nazuga holds a serious expression, makes eye contact with Thonk, the dimwitted Orc, and wiggles his fingers. “Magic!” Thonk smiles and nods.

Exhausted by his efforts, and wanting to get out of town before Thonk gives him another, lengthy, quest, Nazuga used his Hearthstone.  He had learned from his past mistakes, and made sure to set his Hearthstone to Razor Hill before he left it.

Nazuga slowly walked towards the Inn. Before he gets there, Grimtak, the Butcher, calls out to him. “Will you deliver this meat to Orgrimmar for me?

Salivating at the wonderful smell of the meat that Grimtak, the Butcher, is packaging up, Nazuga smiles. A visit to Orgrimmar sounds so much better than running around in the Flood Waters. He has heard it is a huge city, with plenty of interesting things to see, to do, and to eat. A gigantic smile crosses his face as he tells Grimtak “Yes! I will be happy to help you!”

Nazuga decides to rest his feet and take a flight to the big city.

It didn’t take long to find the inn. To his surprise, Inkeeper Gryshka rushed to meet him at the door. “Something smells good! You don’t have raw meat on you, do you?”

Smiling, Nazuga hands the package of raw meat to Gryshka, who immediately rips it open. “Oh, wonderful! Those are fine cuts! These are from Grimtak, are they? That Orc sure knows his way into a lady’s heart.” Gryshka says she can’t wait to cook it, but not too much. Rare is best!

She grabs some of the paper that the raw meat was wrapped in, and writes a letter. “Here.”, Gryshka says, shoving the hastily scrawled letter into Nazuga’s hand, “Bring this to Grimtak for me, please.”

Nazuga nods, and puts the letter into his bag. Finally, a place that feels like home! Nazauga drags his weary, overworked, body to a quiet corner of his favorite Inn in all of Azeroth, and rests for the night.

Here’s the stats at the end of Day Five of the TrialMan Challenge.

As you can see, Nazuga has died four times and he is still under the gold limit for the Challenge.

Progress: Level 10
Location: Orgrimmar
Deaths: 4 (total since TrialMan Challenge started)
Total Time Played: 6 hours, 4 minutes, 28 seconds

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