On a night when I was feeling pretty good (after suffering from allergies for too long) I decided to see if I could get my Barbarian, Zeta, at least as far as the Skeleton King in Act I of Hell difficulty. She started of at level 52. How far would she get?

Deumos the Empty is a skeleton. Is he “empty” because he lacks most of his body? Or, does Demuos feel especially “emo” for a skeleton? I guess it could be both reasons.

Sepsis the Brute annoyingly reflects damage.

I haven’t found anything that Barbarians can use that was specifically designed to combat the monsters who reflect damage. However, Ground Stomp works pretty well to stun them before they can go all orange and reflexive. Hit them, a lot, before they “wake up”. Then, do it again.

Scourge of the Darkness

The green icky stuff he spews onto the floor is plague damage. Don’t stand in it!

An Impenetrable Defense: Block 5 attacks in a row

Only Barbarians can get this Achievement.

Irijah, a fan of the Shattered Soulstone podcast took the time to say hello to me, and to let me know he enjoys the show. That always makes me happy to hear! Irijah also made me very happy by giving my Barbarian some unexpected, and awesome, presents! Behold!

Immortal King’s Tribal Binding (a belt)

Immortal King’s Eternal Reign (Chest Armor)

The Three Hundredth Spear (1 handed weapon)

Big “Thank You!”, once again, to Irijah for being so generous. I’d never seen these items in game before. Zeta will have to grow into them before she can use them, and I am super excited about leveling her up to where she needs to be!

Irijah and I went off to fight the Skeleton King together.

Destroyer of Destiny: Destroy all 4 Activated Pillars in the Royal Crypts at once.

I’m quite certain that Zeta only contributed a little bit towards this achievement. This is the nice thing about co-op games. You get to share!

Here’s me and Irijah at the big door to the Royal Crypts.

The Skeleton King fight went by really fast (and was fun)!

The Mad King’s End (Hell): Kill the Skeleton King on Hell difficulty

Short Reign: Kill the Skeleton King in Under 20 seconds

Irijah and I continued playing so I could hit a Checkpoint before stopping for the night/early morning. By this time, I was so tired I was damned near delirious.

How tired was I?
– I forgot to take screenshots from after the Skeleton King battle to wherever we ended up in the Fields of Misery.
– I forgot that you can click on another player’s banner to teleport directly to him (instead of trying to run there while sleepy).
– I probably stopped making sense somewhere along the way.

Progress: Really fun night! I met Irijah, who gave me presents and helped me with the Skeleton King. It is always fun to meet, and play D3 with, a fan of the Shattered Soulstone podcast. I also got that much closer towards my new goal of getting Zeta to the right level to use the shiny presents.

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