August 20, 2017, was Day 4 of this year’s Fall pollen season.  I wasn’t feeling very well, but wanted to get outside and go for a walk before the pollen got super high (and caused me physical pain).  So, Shawn and I went for a walk down a bike path and ended up downtown.

This was not the smartest idea I’ve ever had.  The pollen count was, once again, 7.7 (which is bad for me).  I knew that I would be “paying for it” later.  We had a nice walk, and crossed over the Jennifer Street Bridge.

Unexpectedly, we discovered that a place that we used to love to get sandwiches from now has gluten-free bread.  Of course, we bought some sandwiches and brought them home to eat.  Taking the bus home was the only option, as the walking was farther than I usually can do.

Shortly after I got home, my feet started hurting because of rheumatoid arthritis, and I had “brain fog” due to fibromyalgia.  I expected this, and it wasn’t fun, but is sort of manageable.  I wheezed my way through a nice day and caught a few Pokémon that were new to me.  I suspect this is the last fun thing I get to do between now and whenever Fall pollen season ends.

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