The 30 Day Chronic Illness Challenge was created by @cfs_zombie. I learned about it through Tumblr. Each day, there is a new writing prompt that focuses on chronic illness and/or what it is like to live with one.

Day 23: What do you say to yourself when you need a pep talk?

I’ve decided to write this one in the style of all those blogs/websites that rely on “click bait” instead of well written articles. You’ve all seen them before. The title says something ridiculous or outrageous, and the article is chock full of photos or gifs. (In other words, Buzzfeed).

What’s Your “Pep Talk”?

Did you know that your day can get better if you give yourself a pep talk?  Which of these is your “pep talk style”?

“Things are easier after a nap!”

Can’t focus on work because your medication is making you sleepy?  Having trouble keeping your eyes open due to fatigue?  Take a nap!  That project will still be there when you wake up.   It will magically seem easier after you’ve had some more sleep.

“I’m stronger than my chronic illness!”

Got a whole basket full of illness plaguing you?  Picture them as something small, cute, and easy to beat up.  You’re much stronger than they are, and you will be victorious in your battle against them!

“Finish the work, and you can have a treat!”

You’ve got a ton of work to do and not enough energy to do it.  Motivate yourself with a treat. Finish the work, and you can have a (gluten-free) cookie.   Giving up is no longer an option!

“What doesn’t kill me gives me XP!”

Been sick for more than a month?  Picture life like a video game.  The battle is difficult sometimes, but that’s the only way to earn experience and get better loot.   Keep fighting your way towards that batch of good days that you know are ahead of you.

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