The year 2020 has weighed heavily upon us all – and there are still two months to go before it ends. I’m writing this blog post a few days before the U.S. Presidential Election. My concern is that things are going to get dangerously ugly, no matter who wins.

Like many of you, I’m tired. There are plenty of reasons to feel this way. We are bombarded with hourly news on social media about the COVID-19 pandemic. We worry about the health of our friends and loved ones. It seems like everyone knows someone who has gotten sick from the virus.

There is constant “background noise” in my mind as I worry about catching it, too. For me, this is more than simple paranoia. My immune system is weak, and I’m sick more often than most people. The best I can do – that any of us can do – is wear a mask when leaving home and staying home as much as possible.

We deserve better than this.

This election news cycle started early and never stopped. We’ve been bombarded with news about the primaries, the special elections, the elections that determine who wins a Senate or House seat, and now the presidential election.

Despite my best efforts, I cannot keep up with it all. The tsunami of news, and noise, and misinformation is exhausting. It drains my energy, even if I break it into tiny pieces. Humans aren’t meant to sift through a mountain of bad news for months on end.

Emotionally, I’ve reached the point when the piggy bank is empty. The well has run dry. I’ve no more fucks to give and have completely run out of “spoons”.

2020 is the year that feels as though it stretched into a decade. The outcome of the presidential election determines our future. My hope is that our collective nightmare will come to an end soon.

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