Welcome to my Store! Here, you will find links to where you can purchase stuff I made. The Store will be updated whenever I make new stuff.


Haiku of Frustration: Wage Slave (paperback)

Haiku of Frustration: Wage Slave (ePub)

A unique collection of haiku poems inspired by the work-a-day grind of modern life. I wrote these haiku while working at a major retail chain bookstore. These haiku are a collection of sweet, funny, and often times frustrating look at the nature of surly customers, corporate politics, and just what it means to be a wage slave.

Haiku of Frustration: Retail Hell (paperback)

A collection of haiku poems that describe what it is really like to work in retail. I wrote these haiku in my head while smiling at customers who were behaving badly in the book store that I worked in.

Year 42 (hardcover)

A photo book chronicling my 42nd year on planet Earth, as I attempt to add some context to the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.



A three song album in which I express the emotional and physical frustrations of my existence.

“And So it Goes” is inspired by Lou Reed’s music and spoken-word sound. My lyrics express the frustrations of working retail during the holiday season.

“Bubble” is inspired by my multiple allergies and the allergies of a good friend of mine. It paints a picture of what our world would be like if we were able to live in a bubble.

“I Don’t Wanna Go To Work Tomorrow” is one that every person who dislikes their job can relate to. Rhythmic drumbeats, and an easy lyric allow you to sing along.