Whimsydale is the most colorful place in all of Diablo III. It’s got rainbows, and happy clouds. You can find at least one diabolic-yet-cute piñata in there somewhere. There are pastel colored ponies and teddy bears that…. want to kill you.

When I first heard about Whimsydale, I thought it was the dumbest thing ever. How could something so, well, whimsical be part of Diablo III?  The whole idea felt wrong to me. Later, after visiting Whimsydale, I changed my opinion. I now find it to be very amusing.

This particular trip trip to Whimsydale happened during Season 11, when I was playing Qiwoot (a hardcore Monk). You do not have to play Seasons in order to get to Whimsydale. The right kind of Goblin can pop up anywhere in Sanctuary.


The only way to get to Whimsydale is by finding – and killing – a Rainbow Goblin. They are easy to spot because of their bright, pastel, colors. I happened to find this Rainbow Goblin in The Halls of Agony Level 3.

I cannot remember the last time I saw a Rainbow Goblin. It feels like they appear much less frequently than they used to.

Dead Rainbow Goblins will automatically create a Rainbow Portal. Jump in – and you are on your way to Whimsydale.

Qiwoot visited Whimsydale when he was Level 69. He didn’t manage to hit 70 while in this happy little zone. It seemed like everything in here dropped a lot of loot, and Qiwoot had to make many trips back to town to empty his bag and refill it with more loot. This is not a complaint!

I took a bunch of screenshots of Whimsydale, just for fun.  I’m sharing the most interesting ones here.

This pack of Cuddle Bears had Health Link, Desecrator, Arcane Enchanted, and Reflects Damage.

These Cuddle Bear minions had Reflects Damage, Knockback, and Molten.

They are minions of a purple unicorn named Bloodface the Gorgon who has Reflects Damage, Knockback, Molten, and Orbiter. These creatures may look like toys – but they definitely are not playing around!

My Mystic Allies rushed over and smashed open the first Diablo piñata before Qiwoot could get near it. They immediately turned around and attacked a pink unicorn.  The piñata dropped three Death’s Breaths and five Forgotten Souls.

The Diablo piñatas are adorable even after they’ve been smashed to pieces.

Qiwoot ran to the second Diablo piñata before his Mystic Allies could get there.

The second Diablo piñata dropped three Death’s Breaths, five Forgotten Souls, and an unidentified Dagger.

The unidentified dagger turned out to be The Horadric Hamburger!  I’ve never had one of these before, so I was extremely excited to about this find. The flavor text says:

The Horadrim wandered far and wide to gather the finest ingredients for their feasts. Only the lone traveler sent to the Moo Moo farm failed to return. Diablo had laid a trap for the Horadrim, the Hell Bovine, who struck the traveler down before he could gather the final ingredient: cheese.

Super Awesome Sparkle Cake – Cute Instakill Pony

This was the first time Qiwoot ran into Super Awesome Sparkle Cake, but not the first time I have. The first time was during Season 2, when I was playing a hardcore Demon Hunter. Super Awesome Sparkle Cake dropped Spectrum, a 1-handed Legendary Sword for me back in Season 2. So, I wasn’t too disappointed when she failed to drop one for Qiwoot.

There was one last adorable Diablo piñata to smash!

This Diablo piñata dropped four Death’s Breaths and three Forgotten Souls.

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