Vaca has acquired a weapon called Goblin Smasher, and is ready to put it to use! She was Level 12, and prepared to go finish some quests.

These screenshots were taken on September 12, 2019.

The day started with a flight over The Barrens.

The goal for Vaca, and her friend Neverlast, was to turn in a quest at Thunder Bluff.

Shortly after arriving, Vaca fell right off the ramp. She sat at the bottom, waiting for Neverlast to catch up with her.

They turned in the Ride to Thunder Bluff quest to Ahana the Leather Armor Merchant. As you can see, Vaca and Neverlast had matching, fancy, purple cloaks.

Ahanu: Ah, a new bundle of hides. I will get to work on these immediately!

Thank you, sister. You have done me a great service. Here are some coins to pay for your time and travel costs.

Ahanu quickly crafted some leather goods. He put them into a bag (one for each of us to carry) and sent us to to Tal the Wind Rider Master.

Tal the Wind Rider Master: Greetings, warrior! What can I do for you?

The answer to that question was obvious.

Now leaving Thunder Bluff – destination Crossroads.

Somewhere along the way, our Wind Riders synced up and became one.

After landing on solid ground, Vaca and Neverlast spoke with Jahan Hawkwing at the Crossroads. He is the Leather & Mail Armor Merchant. We gave him Ahanu’s Leather Goods.

Jahan Hawkwing: Vaca, you are back from Thunder Bluff? Did you deliver the hides to Ahanu?

Eventually, the Tauren found their way to Ratchet. Neverlast and Vaca found the dock, and spoke with Wharfmaster Dizzywig.

Wharfmaster Dizzywig: You seek passage on the next ship, or have some item you wish to send aboard it?

I honestly cannot remember who we got this quest from, or where we obtained the Secure Crate that Wharfmaster Dizzywig wanted.

It didn’t take long to walk from the dock to the Flight Master. Neverlast and Vaca discovered a new flight path!

They immediately made use of it!

It was easy to see why this place was called Thorn Hill.

Neverlast and Vaca make a good team. But, sometimes Warriors get the idea that they can take on more than they actually are capable of fighting.

Both of the Tauren ended up here.

The Tauren needed to collect a few more body parts from plainstriders in order to finish a quest. Vaca was very close to hitting Level 13. Killing plainstriders for experience points will do!

Vaca hit Level 13 after killing a plainstrider. Neverlast was already at Level 13, and had been for a little while.

The Tauren spoke with Serga Darkthorn at the Crossroads. She was the one who sent Neverlast and Vaca out to obtain plainstrider parts.

Serga Darkthorn: Have you collected the plainstrider beaks?

The Tauren handed over the beaks, and completed the Plainstrider Menace quest. What was Serga Darkthorn doing with the plainstrider beaks? It was a mystery.

Serga Darkthorn: How many zhevra have you slain?

This was a quest that the Tauren hadn’t gotten around to working on yet. Serga Darkthorn wants Vaca and Neverlast to collect zhevra hooves. It wasn’t clear what Serga was going to do with those. The Tauren decided it was better not to ask her about it.

Before leaving the Crossroads, Neverlast and Vaca stopped to talk with Thork. He was the one who gave them a quest called Disrupt the Attacks and sent them out to kill Razormane. Thork gave them a new quest called The Disruption Ends.

Thork: One of my scouts witnessed an attack on a caravan from Durotar, Vaca. The culprits are indeed from the Razormane tribe of quilboars. One of the quilboars in particular is leading the raids: Kreenig Snarlsnout. He was seen northeast of here, just south of the road from Durotar. If the threat is to be ended, then Kreenig must die.

To be sure the attacks cease, though, I say we add insult to injury. Kill Kreenig along with more of their tribe, and return to me when you have his tusk.

Before slaughtering more Razormane, Neverlast and Vaca returned to Thunder Bluff. Hunter’s Rise had class trainers that could give them access to new and improved skills.

The Hunter Trainer and the Warrior Trainer share this space.

Vaca spent some time – and money – getting new skills and upgrading some of the skills she already had. She would have to return here again after leveling up some more and unlocking new skills.

This seemed like a good place to stop and take a rest. Much progress was made, and Neverlast and Vaca needed to gather energy to fight the Razormane when next they set out.

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